Lens Crafters: Pascal Gallant

Captions: T. Bird

In the world of making snowboard films, Pascal Gallant is a giant. Notice I used the word "films" in that last sentence. That's because unlike a lot of people making shred videos and internet downloads these days, Pascal has actually shot a shit-ton of film and made dozens of films. Chances are if you're a fan of snowboarding and you've spent any time pushing fast-forward or rewind wearing out a snowboard film, Pascal worked on it. From timeless Mack Dawg classics like Stand and Deliver and True Life to films like The Gathering, White Out, Defective Films, and even the Slednecks, Pascal has been one of the most important filmers to point a lens in the Whistler backcountry. Pascal is notorious for keeping the fun in snowboarding, and there are countless stories or legends of the "fun" that Pascal and his crews have had, so it's no surprise that he's linked up with DCP and Romain De Marchi's YES. Snowboards to work on both their team movie as well as their Battle of The Brands entry from Superpark. At Superpark 16, the Yes crew seemed to always have smiles on their faces, they camped out in the parking lot and it seemed like there was a 24/7 BBQ going on at their RV with riders from nearly every brand pulling up chairs and throwing a hang. I caught up with Pascal to get a quick run down on what went into their entry.

– John Cavan

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Pascal’s entry for Battle Of The Brands

Lé Road Trip. That’s French for “road trip.”

J: How was your experience at Bachelor this year for Superpark?

P: It was pretty cool to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time but the feel of Superpark has changed. It used to be one big jam and whatever footage you got was what you got you know? Now it's a competition; it's a little tense. The new generation of riders is a little more professional and just want to film and learn new triple corks and shit like that. Back then we just wanted to get fucked up, you know? It was a party on snow

J: You guys based your video around a road trip. What went into planning that and did it work out the way you expected?

P: Kind of. It was a last-minute thing and we only left for three days from Canada so a little rushed, and I only got 48 hours to edit the video. Some of the footage was stuck at the border, but we had fun.

This is what happens when you go (De) Marching around Superpark 16 all day hitting giant jumps.

J: What happened with customs?

P: Some of the footage from the other filmer Jim Langer got stuck at customs for a while so YES pretty much had 48 hours to edit this little vid which I could have had way more time to make it better.

J: It seems like you guys had a great time there. Who stuck out in your mind in the parking lot hangs? Did you spend the entire trip sleeping in the Bachelor parking lot?

P: No, Romain found the best campground in the world right across from a strip club in Bend.

J: How did you pick the music for the video?

P: I just tried to find music that matched the situation you know? Putting fucking emo music to snowboarding is just wrong. Nobody wants to cry when they're watching snowboarding.

Frank April and Eric Jackson should have a beard-growing contest. We bet things would get a little hairy.

J: Any funny stories from the trip?

P: I don't remember. Our eyes were bloodshot so I guess everything was funny

J: How is it filming with legends like DCP and Romain and then at the same time filming with relative newcomers like Madison [Ellsworth] and Colin [Spencer]?

P: Well when I first filmed DCP and Romain they were newcomers. Those guys are my friends for a long time so it's pretty natural and fun. I'm not shy to tell them when they do something that sucks. You know, as a cameraman you have to tell riders when shit won't make it, so they do it better so their video part doesn't suck. As for Madison and Colin those kids are cool, they got skill but the training wheels are not off yet. They need snowmobiles and to come up to Canada next winter for some extensive hell training with the bosses!

J: How about Marius [Otterstad]. Any good stories of the Viking?

P: He's a madman. The guy is gonna be a lawyer. One fucking crazy one that's for sure

They do say the camera adds fifteen pounds, though Pascal is usually behind it.

J: You've been making films for a long time. Do you have any tips or advice for younger filmers that are trying to get into making shred flicks?

P: Don't overexpose your shit cause then it's fucked. Get a good tripod and learn the settings on your camera and let your artfag scarf-wearing emotion through your lens I guess. And, buy a sled and a truck.

J: Over the years you've been involved in a ton of snowboard films. What are some of your personal favorites?

P: Early Mack Dawg days, 'cause everything was new especially backcountry freestyle off drops and cliffs. Slednecks 11 too, 'cause I'm a Sledneck. That was a fun year