Lens Crafters: Quiksilver’s Trent Ludwig

Captions: T. Bird

Although Quiksilver was eliminated in the first round, their video is truly amazing. Capturing the vibe of their new team's experiences at Mt. Bachelor and in Bend for Superpark, Quik's video makes you feel like you are right there experiencing it with everyone. Employing a SnorriCam to capture the riders' facial expressions and perspectives as they bob and weave throughout the day and night really set the video apart from the rest. SNOWBOARDER caught up with Quiksilver's video director and Team Manager Trent Ludwig to get some further insight on the video. – John Cavan

<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=43996034" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Trent’s entry for the 2012 Battle Of The Brands

J: So Trent, the video was amazing, what was your thought process in coming up with the rider intros to the video?

T: Thanks, the thought process for the intro was concepted around what happens at Superpark. You snowboard and party with your friends, pretty simple. I guess I just wanted to show the team hanging out together like we did everyday that week. I like unique perspectives when shooting someone's face and I though a SnorriCam shot would do what I had envisioned for the intro. The rig was hard to walk with and even tougher to run with. Jake OE and I ran into a pole while shooting fireworks and running down the street shooting his scene. The main direction for the intro was to really introduce the new guys on the Quiksilver team. I'm so hyped on these guys and we wanted to show people where Quiksilver snowboarding is headed in the future.


Trent and team, crammed in the “Banger Bus.”

J: How many photos went into every one of those intros?

T: We shot over 7,000 photos for the intro. I didn’t end up using all 7,000 photos but I pulled little moments out of each photo sequence to splice the narrative of the intro together. Overall, I don’t know exactly how many photos were in the final rendering of the intro but if I had to guess I would say 3,000 to 4,000.

One of Trent’s best attributes as a filmer is his ability to focus on large projects like his Battle of the Brands Superpark 16 video.

J: What was your favorite part of the entire filming and editing process?

T: My favorite part of the filming process was working with all of the people involved. All the riders, Harry [Hagan] and Jon Ray helping me film was amazing. Personally, one of the coolest parts was seeing what Harry and Jon came down with at the end of the event. I got to see all this amazing snowboarding for the first time when I was logging the footage. It felt like the days of 16mm film transfers and watching all that footage, getting so stoked on good shots. Filming aside, it's always the people you get to work with that makes it special. My favorite part of editing was putting together the bar intro scene. I was psyched on how that part of it turned out and I got to relive that party. I really liked editing the last thirty seconds of the snowboarding part of the video too, Jake, Dan, Ulrik, Ville, and Matt have sick shots towards the end of the edit.

When we saw this photo, we thought, “Bottoms Up!” but upon further review, “Tops Down!” would be more appropriate.

J: The music was killer. How'd you arrive on that?

T: Well, RED FANG is fucking awesome and that is the easiest way to pick music. Pick awesome bands that make great music.

J: Quiksilver definitely has some new blood on the team, and it looked like everyone had a great time in Bend. How has the new team been gelling?

T: Superpark gave me a great excuse to get a lot of the new guys together and it was incredible. We rented a house in Bend, one that was walking distance to the bar and to the burrito shop, (Parilla Grill) which was crucial to keeping people happy, and we hung out together. Almost the whole time we had fifteen people in there. Guys were everywhere: under the pool table, under the foosball table, on every couch and pull out bed, we were stacked full. The group got along great though. We would snowboard all day and chill at night. One of the days we had to shoot the bar scene for the intro, so we went to the bar at five in the afternoon. Shit got wild, and that scene is as authentic as it gets for drinking, Ulrik was the MVP at that party. After shooting, we went back to the house and Ulrik took everyone's boots and threw them into the front yard scattering them everywhere to create a new game called "boot croquet." It was innovative, everyone came out and ended up playing in Ulrik’s made-up game, calling the new game more exciting than croquet because there was more shit to hit in boot croquet. We later had a team dinner with twenty people at Toomies thai restaurant that night and I had a team of let's say mildly-intoxicated people, but they got their shit together and we all ended up having a great dinner where Ulrik paid for the drinks, which eclipsed the food bill by a bit. Overall, the new guys that we have brought on have been exactly what we need to put some energy back into Quiksilver. We're down with them because they simply love to snowboard.

Even though there were a lot of people to feed and clean up after, the crew somehow managed to have Quik dinners every night.

J: Any tricks or tips you could offer up to our aspiring filmmakers out there?

T: Tricks and tips? Hmm, there is a lot to this job, but everything is really simple. Know your camera gear. Whatever you have, use it to create the highest-quality image you can. Communicate with people. This helps a lot when working with other filmers and riders. Communication is key, and that was taught to me thoroughly by Ryan Runke and I will never forget it. Let your creativity explode and see it all the way through to fruition. If you have an idea, figure out how to do it. Shooting the intro sequence took me three days to figure out and make it happen. Seeing one of your ideas through from concept to reality is the most rewarding part of the job. Enjoy it, filming is one of the best "jobs" out there. Love what you do.