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In 2006 Jake ‘Minibike” Price left his binders and camera at the bottom of a wild BC descent and proceeded to best some of burliest boarders in the world in the Asian Canadian Downhill at the Greg Todds Memorial, which is a fabled gathering of the noboarding faithful held somewhere north of America. Since footloose schussing and swilling ceasers doesn’t pay the bills, Jake’s day job is pointing a camera in the direction of his friends. Fortunately Jake has friends like Gigi Rüf, Josh Dirksen, Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith, David Benedek and Donny Stevens and the connection to four of these five has paid off immeasurably. Unlike most of his generation of filmmakers, Jake’s classic take on snowboard cinema is both lo-fi and lowbrow and stands in stark contrast to glutton of overly aggro and technologically driven offerings which flood the daily feed . Most recently Price parlayed the same humor that has given his boardasfuck.com side project a cult like following into his Battle Of The Brands campaign which included multiple promises of free beer and some hysterically satirical calls to action involving the likenesses of Ingemar Backman and Jamie Lynn. – Pat Bridges

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Jake’s submission for the 2012 Battle Of The Brands

Full Name: Jake Price
Age: 30
Home Mtn:  Hoodoo, Oregon
Battle Of The Brands Video Worked On:  Volcom
Gear:  Panasonic HPX-250 & GF2, Contour+, Iphone4, Sick Stick 156, Union bindings, Dakine.
Movie Resume: Robot Food’s “Afterlame”, Airblaster’s “December”, David Benedek’s “91 Words for Snow” & “The Gap Session”, Lukas Huffman’s “ir77 book + movie”, DC’s “Mountain Lab 1.5”, Volcom’s “Wandering Winterland”, “Blizzard Bizarre”, “Road Tested”, “9191” and the upcoming “#IP2”.

P: How does a semi-pro shred from Oregon end up being in charge of Volcom’s esteemed snowboard video program?

J: It really comes down to my love of snowboarding.  It all began 16 years ago when I got the opportunity to intern at Exit Real World snowboard shop in Salem, OR when I was 14.  From there, I have just given it my all to make sure I’m out there making it happen and having fun.  Being a part of the Volcom family really is a dream come true, I can’t think of a better crew of people to work for.

Jake Price. Photo: Gigi Ruf

P: What is your favorite story that you still haven’t revealed publicly from the making of 9191?

J: Everything is out there.  If you know me, you know I'm not good at holding anything back. Some of my favorite moments are all documented on our website boardasfuck.com or in the videos.  Just look at our Battle Of The Brands video, there’s no sugar coating for the fun times we have.  I’m as a whole, more interested in the rawness of the snowboarding world.

Jake Price Photo: Ryan Boyes

P: Tell us about getting free heli time from the Russian billionaires in Chile and what it was like to travel around the southernmost tip of South America on their boat filming Gigi?

J: The best part of my job is getting to explore the world and take in the different places to slide on snow. All I can say is that was an insane trip, get the “9191” DVD and watch the bonus features.  It’s all in there.  A huge thanks to Maxim & Andrey P.

P: What would it take to get Robotfood back together?

J: Stacy Peralta documentary??

Curtis Ciszek Photo: Jake Price

P: Did you ever think about upper decking the toilet at the DC Mountain Lab?

J: I miss that place.  No way, Ken Block is one of the best people I have met in this industry.

P: How much of a contrast is it filming someone like Gigi one day and then Guch or Bjorn the next and then Dylan Alito or Johnny Lazz? Seems like a super eclectic program.

J: The Volcom snowboarding team is one of the most diverse out there.  For them to have the legends team in my mind is the most amazing part of the program. We try to keep everyone in the mix at all times, having Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn show Dylan Alito around the Jackson Hole backcountry is the most fun thing ever. The young dudes are just such a shit show, it really adds to the story we’re filming out there. It’s also funny to see them come out into the backcountry and realize that it is not all fun and games, you're really lucky if you get to take 1 run a day.

Volcom Team at Superpark 16. Photo: Jake Price

Can you explain how you arrived at the low-brow approach for the Volcom Battle Of The Brands video?

J: That’s what the team wanted. I make these videos for the riders.  Dylan picked out some of the music and I just vibed off of what they were all into. Having Seth Huot and Pat Barraza filming really helped out loads as well. When you just let things happen naturally, it always has a genuine feel. I have to again give Volcom high fives for letting us run it NC-17 rated. Also, a big thanks to the ladies featured in the film.

Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, & Jake Price. Photo: Lisa Sheldon

Whose tri-pod does Dylan bonk in the credits?

J: I really don’t know.  We were just filming some follows and Dylan went for it. We just kept going.  I can be a major instigator when the camera comes out. I’m still amazed that we filmed all that footage in just 4 days.  My dudes really did an amazing job.

Jake Price. P: Ryan Scardigli

When are you gonna stomp the noboard double backie?

J: Oh man. I forgot I have that footage on my hard drive. People will most likely get to see it one day on America’s Funniest Home Videos, I’m holding out for the $100,000 first place finals. Maybe I should just put out the Board As Fuck movie that’s been in the making for 7 years now. The only problem there is I’d have no friends left after all the career ending footage surfacing.