No snow in the Pacific Northwest leads to existential crises for riders Matt Edgers, Blair Habenicht, Temple Cummins and friends. Japow, Japanic – these last holdouts of the great 2015 powder migration finally gave up hope for home and flocked to Japan, one of the only places holding enough snow to dig deep into the recesses of the mind.

Let The Bird Fly. A motto embodied by a transient spirit, whose sideways sliding migrations, often rolled into motion on an empty gas tank in a limping VW van, inspired this project.

We flow as one.

Featuring Blair Habenicht, Matt Edgers, Temple Cummins, Kurt Jenson, Kei Nakanishi, and friends.
Filmed by Tim "Stanny" Stanford and Kurt Jenson. Edited by Tim "Snacky" Stanford, Kurt Jenson, Blair Habenicht, and Matt Edgers.
Music by The Blind Shake, Language Arts, and Davey Herberg.