A comprehensive retrospective from the former Editors of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, originally published in the 30th Anniversary Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, pick up your copy now!

Words by Pat Bridges, past editor and current Director of Events and Movies at SNOWBOARDER.

All For Free Lift Tickets

No caption needed. p: Mark Sullivan

To paraphrase Warren Miller, my tenure in snowboarding media has all been a ruse to get free lift tickets. Straight up. Despite shoveling my fair share of kickers and shaping tranny from time to time, I realize that writing about snowboarding isn't digging ditches. Nonetheless half a million words into this profession, putting the pen to the page is not something I wake up each day looking forward to doing. Rather it is and has always been about the riding. Back when I was waiting tables at night, hitting the slopes each day and writing part time my father pleaded with me to get serious and find a career. To that challenge I countered "what do you want me to do, sell toasters for a living? It's not like I eat toast every day!"

From methods to hovercrafts, Pat’s still got it. p: Shem Roose

My two-decades with Snowboarder have given me an intimate perspective of the ways that media trends have affected our sports landscape and how we have adapted in keeping with this flux. If Snowboarder was still simply a magazine I doubt I would still be here. As insatiable as it can be, the opportunity to communicate an idea instantaneously to hundreds of thousands of people via the internet and social media is truly magnificent. Being able to produce movies that stoke out viewers in the same way that Subjekt Haakonsen and Decade inspired me in the '90's is awesome. And then there is Superpark where Snowboarder invites our community into our house to partake in a session that is true to the ideals we were weaned on. Rather than a challenge, each new day provides an opportunity for us to connect with riders better than the day before.

That said some things don't seem to change too much. Today I went riding at Mammoth, laid down a few carves and stalled a couple of handplants but I still didn't eat any toast.
Pat Bridges

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