Any edit that starts off with Merrick Joyce in hardboots is something we’re excited to watch. And in the above video, the January 2016 edition of Loon EveryMonth, Merrick’s carving cameo is the start of a decidedly all-around edit that simultaneously accurately depicts the breadth of terrain at this New Hampshire resort, but also will stir up the urge to get on your own snowboard ASAP. While the various side hits and park features are presented stylistically as opposed to geographically chronological, filmed Gus Noffke does a bang up job of showcasing exactly why the long lap off the gondola at Loon Mountain is one of the most renowned runs in New England. The main junction of the LMP is where much of Loon’s footage on the internet is often filmed, but within the parks on Flying Fox, Little Sister, and Springboard–as well as before, after, and in between all of these locations–are zones prime to rip up, launch off, and carve through, which is exactly what the band of locals inĀ Loon EveryMonth: January intend to do. Featuring Merrick Joyce, Noah Guarriello, Eugene Stancato, Brendon Rego, Ian Hart, Parker Szumowski, Zach Normandin, Dylan Dragotta, and Johnny O’Connor.