DOB: 3.20.88

Board: Omatic Celebrity Series

Home Mountain: Park City, UT

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: O-Matic, Nike Snowboarding, 686, Monster, Spy, Kicker, Vestal, Grenade,
Boost Mobile, Capix, Utility Boardshop, Mt. High

Top Results: 1st, 2008 Jeep King of the Mountain Pipe; 1st Overall, 2008 Grand Prix; 2nd, 2008 Vans Cup


Louie Vito might be the most well-rounded rider on this roster but it is all muscle. Ouch! Somewhere beneath the layers of sponsor logos lies an Omatic topsheet graphic which may or may not bear Louie Vito's name. What few people realize about this Ohio native is that he is one of only two Pisces with a pro model in snowboarding. Regardless of when his mom went into labor, Louie is himself planning on using the Americas Next Top pro Model competition to give birth to a new era of Midwestern freestyle snowboarding dominance!

Louie Vito, US Open 209. Photo: Ryan Hughes

Louie Vito, US Open 209. Photo: Ryan Hughes