Interview: Starting a New Company, Fatherhood, and What is Next For Lucas Magoon

With a persona and style impossible to imitate, Lucas Magoon has been the epitome of board control and the embodiment of cool in snowboarding for quite some time. With a history stretching from Forum and Grenade, to Technine, 1817 and a plethora of other companies, it takes nothing but a glance at Magoon to see the brands he has repped. Covered in tattoos that all tell a story, all you have to do is ask and Lucas will breakdown whatever marking you pick… that is as long as he can find it. But those stories are for another day.

We caught up with Magoon to discuss his latest masterpiece, which shocking enough, is not on his body yet. If you haven’t seen it, he has recently started his own company, dubbed “Goon Gear” with his wife, Tonya, and his daughter Winter. Available through Instagram, read on to see what Magoon has been up to recently, and how it all came about! – Mark Clavin

Magoon from a few years back, shooting for SFD. p: Yosh

How's it going?
L: It's going good, just the end of the work day.

What do you do in the offseason?
L: Fence from 8-7, Monday through Friday, all style fence. I put up everything from pool fences, all the way to horse fence. That's what I'm kinda going for right now all the way until this coming September. You know, maybe when there's snow on the ground I'll probably start working with that.

And you just celebrated your first Father's Day, how was that?
L: My daughter is 6 months and… what's today? Yeah, pretty much 6-and-a-half months right now. Her name is Winter Diamond Magoon. It was great to be a part of that. I'm a father now, so, I was hyped. I get a separate day, other than birthday and what not. It is like having two birthdays and my child is the best gift of all.

Awesome! How's the knee feeling? You're coming off an injury from a year and a half ago, right?
L: Yeah, it's the second season back and I took last year to heal up. Had ACL Reconstruction and a few other things done. It's feeling great, definitely. I was filming for 1817 and it was the second trip and a month into filming. I hit this closeout and then into a catwalk with cast iron like bars. It was a flat bar on top and I was just going shifty cab, shifty cab front one or whatever, you know… and once I landed, it just buckled inward, and then I hit the other side of the wall it just zig-zagged back. In and out, in and out, I was mad. I couldn't believe the fun had to end that soon.

So, I waited 9 months to ride so I feel comfortable to continue from now on. Yeah, it's going good and yea, I was glad I got it. It's definitely helped out, I can tell, and it should give me another 15. Another good 15 years in there and I think I got, I still got 10 left on the other one I got.

Would you say that that little lead up time got you thinking about the Goon Gear stuff, or no?

L: It's just been brought up a few times and you know I'm always down for the companies I rep so like it was just about the time now. It's not really any reason, I've kind of been talking about starting a company here and there and then it got to the point where I felt I should. If it goes, it goes, at least try the idea.

Yeah. Do you have an idea behind it of what you want to do?
L: Yea, we're coming out with t-shirts, long sleeves, pullover hoodies, and beanies and baby onesies and kid size hoodies. A bit of everything, you know, we decided after Winter was born, it gives something for her possibly too that she could be a part of it. She could be a designer, and then down the road if it's good, you know she could take it over and do what she wants with it. Something like that, you know.

Who is designing for you right now? Is it you and Tonya?
L: Yeah. I design most of it and Tonya handles the official business side getting everything prepared for the full release this fall. Tonya has ideas here and there and then I usually add a little bit of this and that. I throw some feedback in or kind of add a little bit to it and then we have Dave Doman right now, he's been hooking us up. I've known him for a good amount of years now and did a handful of board graphics with him. He's been a cool friend through the whole time. We could always have whatever artist that we think would be good. You know there's already a couple that we know of, you know like we've got… I'm not gonna drop it yet, but yeah we got some coming.

We’ve heard you have recently really gotten into Sasquatches. Will there be a Sasquatch themed graphic?
There already is one, and there will be more. Huge fan of the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast. People should check it out.

Will you get a Goon Gear tattoo on yourself?
L: Haha, yes, you know I will. That's like, probably a handful now. You know, we already got like 6 or 7 graphics, you know I could drop every graphic, fill in everything if I really want.

Wait, you already have 6 or 7 graphics tattooed on you, or no?
L: Pretty much in my mind I do, you know.

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