Deadlung is a rider that makes turns to the beats of his own melody and it follows that the entire soundtrack of his season would make for a compelling experience. Introducing Lungie Land: The Mixtape, a collection of footage of Deadlung, Lucas Magoon, Chris Bradshaw, Will Bateman, Lane Knaack, and many more as they ride in Utah, Japan, and beyond. Within all of the different locales, terrain, and riders, the commonality that links all of these shots is that the locations and familiarity of the runs make the riding seem attainable, but Lungie and crew keep ahead of the curve with a unique, smooth board control–it’s an ideal vicarious experience. Overall, there’s an inordinate amount of style packed into the shots in Lungie Land: The Mixtape, so sit back and enjoy a year in the life of Deadlung and crew.

Starring Deadlung, The Davester, Lucas Magoon, Lane Knaack, Casey Nelson, Zander Blackmon, Aaron Biittner, Chris Roach, Sage Kotsenburg, Chris Bradshaw, Scott Stevens, and Ben Bilodeau. Also featuring Will Bateman, Kyle Clancy, Griffin Siebert, Jordan Small, Ryan Tarbell, Cody Wilson, Danimals, J.P. Tomich, Sam Taxwood, Erik Nielsen, and Mats Hanson.