There was a style assembly at Mount Hood this past summer. In the High Cascade lane, as campers were hiking rails and perfecting new tricks, a conglomerate of snowboarders who harbor a serious skill for the subtlety in board control collected on the volcanic snow and let loose in the slush. While for the riders featured in the volumes of Lungie Land, their home turf is more often than not where they session cat track gaps and pop some of the smoothest ollies in snowboarding, the Palmer Snowfield had transition that had been laying in wait until the crew’s arrival. With a freshly raked and salted quarter at the top of the park and jump table butterpad at the bottom, Chris Roach, Deadlung, Eric Messier, Ben Bilocq, Dave Doman, Vinny, Justin Fronius, and Cody Horan wasted no time delivering deep dish servings of effortless plants, reverts, tweaks, liptricks, and spins in Vol. 52 of the beloved Lungie Land. The easy styled riding in this edit is the perfect bridge between missing summer snowboarding and getting ready to take over the trails of your home mountain–these tricks look good, but even more, they’re the kind that make you want to go snowboarding, immediately. Solid QP antics by the crew are supplemented by graceful turns, boned out methods and more. At 2:30, Vinny throws down on a snow bike and then at 2:45, is a plethora of butters by Messier, Lung, and Roach that shut down this video as tite as can be.

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