Maelle Ricker Wins Gold in Olympic Snowboard Cross

2010 Vancouver Olympics Women's Snowboard Cross Podium 1st

2010 Vancouver Olympics Women's Snowboard Cross Podium 1st

At SNOWBOARDER we like to wax nostalgic about the good old days when not only did our heroes boycott the Olympics but they weren’t afraid to mix it up in the side by side showdown of speed and skill known as Boardercross. Nowadays our heroes have enthusiastically succumbed to the charms of Olympic stardom and they aren’t afraid to mix it up in the side by side showdown of silk and sequins known as Dancing With the Stars. Oh and boardercross is now officially known as snowboard cross because Swatch or some other entity owns the name Boardercross ™.

“This ended Jacobellis’ chance at Olympic redemption early.”

Though SNOWBOARDER was absent for the Olympic mens “snowboard cross” finals we are proud of Seth Wescott for doing America proud and. claiming gold.

Unfortunately America wouldn’t be blessed with a similar result in the female portion of the discipine.

Those who only witness a finals of an event lose perspective on much of the challenge the competitors face. Each athlete must take several runs which span the better portion of a whole day to advance all the way to the finals. As we witnessed recently in the 3 run X Games slope finals, this often results in a course that changes drastically from practice to podium.

Through the semi-finals the Women’s Olympic Snowboard cross was a three lady race with Lindsey Jacobellis, Maelle Ricker and Olivia Nobs running at least 5 seconds faster than the rest of the field. Unfortunately the afternoon elimination races featured a course with significant shade which translated into increased speed. For Stratton’s Lindsey Jacobellis, one of only two Americans emerging from the time trial qualifications, the shadows caused her to take an early jump too deep in a heated semi final match against Maelle. The exaggerated airtime led to a brutal compression causing her to scrub speed and drop way back. This ended Jacobellis’ chance at Olympic redemption early.

America’s loss was Canada’s gain as 2010 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom champion Maelle Ricker cruised to an easy victory in the finals with a stoked crowd of countrymen cheering her on all the way to the top of the podium.

Maelle Ricker

Maelle Ricker

2010 Vancouver Olympics Women’s Snowboard Cross Podium:

Gold: Maelle Ricker
Silver: Debra Anthonioz
Bronze: Olivis Nobs