One run at epicenter of the epic long lap, Mammoth Mountain with Grey McCalla, Brandon Davis, and Spencer Whiting. In Legends of the Fall Line: Episode 2, these three advantageous shredders drop in at the top of chair 16 and careen down South Park, through Wonderland Park head toward the minipipe on the way to the Canyons baselodge. The trails of Mammoth are littered with gaps, tranny and side hits and Brandon, Grey, and Spencer are adept at finding the fun lines. Enjoy. Filmed by Spencer and Brandon and edited by Greg Weaver.

Watch one run with Garrett “Worm” Warnick in episode 1 of Legends of the Fall Line.

Music by “Corvette Cassette" by Slow Magic.

e lap was on chair 16 and went through South Park, wonderland park and the mini pipe ending back at canyon lodge at chair 16!