Mammoth is revered for it’s seemingly limitless terrain. Its practically endless supply of cliffs and berms, side hits and steeps are just the beginning of what the mountain has on offer, all these things further buoyed by the man-made transition that is tirelessly crafted in the Unbound parks. Long runs allow unbridled access to every bowl, drop, and cranny of this Eastern Sierra resort and it’s this plethora of possibilities that spawned Legends of the Fall Line, a new series from Mammoth that showcases the top-to-bottom runs–one in each edit–riddled with powder, corduroy, gaps, rails, jumps, the list goes on. In the first video, talent-heavy Mammoth local Garrett “Worm” Warnick provides an A+ example of the proper prowess that is developed when the slopes of Mammoth are the playground of your youth. From the top of Chair 3, Worm points it downhill, sending it off side cuts and across groomers as other fine Mammoth boarders weave in and out of the line, including TJ Schau, Gabe Taylor, Nate Bishop, Harrison Gordon, and Danny Salazar. It’s one run at Mammoth Mountain in the first Legends of the Fall Line with Garrett Warnick.

Filmed by Greg Weaver and Kevin Westenbarger.