Mammoth Opening Day 01

Though Danny Thomas, Chris Peroddi, and the rest of the Arbor crew had to endure a cold night in the MMSA parking lot to claim first chair, this actually isn't that bad. In most circumstances, getting first chair requires years of practice to master an instrument. R: Arbor Team. P: Peter Morning

Words: Pat Bridges
Photos: Peter Morning

Season openers are a grand affair for every resort but few ski areas can match Mammoth's kickoff. Fantasy Camp is the term I use to describe those circumstances where weekend warriors simply need to buy a lift ticket and they can easily find themselves lapping alongside a legend. This past weekend in Mammoth was about as fantasy campy as it can get with Travis Rice, Peter Line, Leanne Pelosi, Tyler Flanagan, John Jackson, Luke Mitrani, Hana Beaman, Dylan Alito and dozens of other up-and-comers and established icons making turns and trading tricks. Terrain choice was surprisingly bountiful for early season and top to bottom burners could be had as well as main park jib jaunts. Many opening day vets have proclaimed this debut to be one of the best in decades.

Mammoth Opening Day 02

Big changes happening with Mammoth and their Unbound Parks program with the return of Josh Chauvet. Apparently, a move away from pink is one of those changes. R: Zak Hale P: Peter Morning

Off snow the festivities were equally as memorable or forgettable as the case may be. Each night a different party ensued with most centering around the Hyde Disco or Lakanuki. Again Joe Shred was afforded the opportunity to carouse alongside the pro's and "Poppin' bottles with Louie Vito" found its
way into more than a few tweets. Of course the highlight of this year’s MMSA Apres Opener was the Sounds show Saturday night. Way better than the c-list rap stars most ski areas settle on for this type of affair.

Overall another great start to the West Coast season.

Mammoth Opening Day 14

Speaking of moves away from Pink, here is a shot of Eddie Wall and DVS Team Manager Ricky Melnik flanking moto legend Carey Hart at one of the weekend's many parties. According to Us Weekly, Pink and Carey are happily together again and expecting child, so the above was just cheap caption segue fodder. R: Ricky Melnik, Carey Hart, Eddie Wall. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 03

Johnny Lazz keeping it proper as he prepares for a season filming for Rome's The Shred Remains. R: Johnny Lazzereschi. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 04 Mammoth Opening Day 05
Mammoth Opening Day 06

Without any parental blockers, this redtube got tons of traffic. R: Trevor Jacob. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 07

Before Brock Crouch was even immunized for smallpox, he was getting riding shots. Now, he gets photos alongside Travis Rice and Peter Line in opening day photo galleries. R: Brock Crouch P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 09

Though the product placement of the Red Bull can in this shot is really cheesy, we have to hand it to Forest Bailey for shutting down every bar he could at Mammoth's Opening weekend…including this deck rail. R: Forest Bailey. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 10

A better co-branded feature for Skullcandy would have been to have had a digital readout of a decibel meter next to the corrugated tube at the top of the park. In your face, Don Draper! R: Zak Hale. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 11

Mammoth enlisted Axis Media to produce an annual of sorts, highlighting the snowboarding happenings in and around the resort. It is a real good package and despite what the name would suggest, it is bound, so anyone worried about loose pages making a mess has no need to fret. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 12
Mammoth Opening Day 13

John Jackson's dreads are Medusa-esque, which is weird because if you smell 'em you'll immediately turn to stoner. R: John Jackson, Joanna Kaylor, Eric Jackson, Louie Vito. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 15

Gotta hand it to Mammoth and Vestal for bringing The Sounds to play opening weekend, and we gotta hand it to Sounds lead singer Maja Ivarsson for not bringing too many clothes with her.
R: Maja Ivarsson P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 16

There are many ways that one can show how into the music they are. What the guy in this photo on the right is doing isn't recommended and probably isn't legal. Then again, how often does one get to perform solo on a stage in front of a live crowd? What? He is actually a member of the band? Well we don't need to ask what instrument he plays... Bam. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 17

Eddie Wall, Saori Renteria (soon to be Saori Wall), Peter Line (Soon to be Peter Vito by the looks of this photo), Louie Vito, and…Ooops! Computer froze. Hopefully we didn't lose anything when it crashed. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 18

What the fuck is up with the two purple guys in the bar? And why doesn't anyone seem to care? Seriously. Actually, the guy in the red and black ball cap is noticing and his Norse demigod-looking friend doesn't seem the least bit stoked about the situation either. Or maybe they are just watching Mason Aguirre slow dance with his buddy in the middle of an up-tempo number. P: Peter Morning

Mammoth Opening Day 19

Gotta close the weekend gallery with a riding shot. Thanks to Mammoth for another all-time opening. R: Zak Hale. P: Peter Morning