Words & Photos: Mike Basher

It's hard to believe it's been ten years already since Mammoth put on the first WCI, but in honor of its decade anniversary, the park staff took the setup to another level. A second scaffolding was added this year, along with a chain link fence wall ride and a custom-built light pole stall. In fact, every feature was custom built, each with a true urban feel.

Chas Guldemond

From the get-go, it was on. Last year's champ Ryan Paul was the first to drop, followed by about 20 other riders, including Dylan Alito, Scott Vine, Cam Pierce, Greg Bretz, Forest Bailey, Chas Guldemond, Johnny Lazz, Zak Hale and a slew of other riders.

Dylan Alito

While the action was going down, Jamie Lynn was working on an 8×10-foot urban mural, which will be featured in one of Mammoth's Art Parks next year.

Jamie Lynn

After about an hour and a half of dudes sending it, the guy who sent it the most was Dylan Alito, who walked away with ten grand in cash…and a big smile.

Ryan Paul

Dylan Alito

Creepy Cyle and Mike Casanova

Scotty Vine

Oliver Dixon

Forest Bailey

Dylan Alito

Ryan Paul

Zak Hale

Ten thousand dollar smile.

Dylan Alito. Winning.

Or maybe losing?

Dylan Alito and Johnny Lazz

Dylan Alito & Spencer Schubert