Mammoth Opening 04

Eddie Wall & Mason Aguirre

Interview By: Jardine Hammond
Photos: Peter Morning

Mammoth's Big Winter Kick-Off went down this past weekend and instead of taking our word for it, we asked long time Mammoth local Eddie Wall his thoughts on the shenanigans that took place.

What do you think was the best part of opening weekend?

Riding, obviously! It's awesome because everyone is at the hill and so excited to ride because it’s been months since everyone has been on snow. People are all in such a great mood and happy, it just makes it that much more fun

Mammoth Opening 06

Luke Mitrani

Anything that surprised you about the hill or the shows?

Main Park really surprised me, I can’t believe how good the park is already. They already have a mini hip, a small step up, and a big cheese wedge 45 foot jump.  Also, they had about 30 rails set up, and most are new ones they just designed this summer.  I think this is the best the park has been on opening day in 10 years. As far as the shows and parties … Mammoth always throws the best parties—getting Vestal involved is awesome, too, because they bring in great bands like Black Lips and Ra Ra Riot.

Mammoth Opening 18

First chair.

What are you most excited about this year as far as Mammoth goes?

Powder! I love exploring the mountain on a pow day, with friends or all alone, just discovering new zones, cliffs, tree rides etc … The mountain is so big that you can never stop looking around for new terrain to ride.

Mammoth Opening 05

Eddie Wall

Anything else you'd like to add?

Opening day in Mammoth is like a big family reunion. The snowboarding industry is like one huge family that meets up at events all over the world. Everyone comes out for opening and there are tons of pros, rookies, and industry heads from all over the place. After a long summer, it's always so fun to see all your friends that you haven’t seen for a couple months and shred and party together. It’s definitely one of the most fun weekends out of the whole season.

Mammoth Opening 10


Mammoth Opening 13

Lonnie Kauk


Mammoth Opening 07

Luke Mitrani

Mammoth Opening 03

Mason Aguirre, Eddie Wall

Mammoth Opening 16

Mammoth Opening 11

John Jackson signing his life away.

Mammoth Opening 14

Mammoth Opening 12

Mammoth Opening 17

Lonnie and John

Mammoth Opening 21

Mammoth Opening 15

Mammoth Opening 01

FRENDS. Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis, Mason Aguirre, Eric Jackson, and Luke Mitrani

Mammoth Opening 22

Chris Benchetler, Nate Farrell, Shayne Pospisil, and John Jackson

Mammoth Opening 23

Mammoth Opening 24

Cheers. Eddie Wall.