Marie-France Roy: 2010 Women’s Rider of the Year #03

Marie-France Roy, Pemberton, BC backcountry. Photo: Cole Barash

Marie-France Roy, Pemberton, BC backcountry. Photo: Cole Barash


Marie-France has laid her bricks being "one of the guys," and last winter, this little lady lived up to her designation. Lighting up the Whistler backcountry with fellow femme phenom Annie Boulanger, MFR stepped to some gender-barrier blurring features from Brandywine booters to Pemberton pillows. As one of the few women out there who can hang with the dudes, Marie-France's petite appearance shadows her balls-to-the-wall mentality, evidenced by what could be hailed as the biggest front seven ever done in the backcountry by a girl in history, and a prominent rail prowess that may have disappeared while she focuses on more big-mountain endeavors.

Rest assured, she can still hold her own in the streets, as JP Walker can attest: "I usually think of this girl holding it down in the streets, which we all know she can do, but I was stoked to see her put it down in the backcountry. Dope fives and a sick front seven over a beastie gap. Mix in some pow lines and drops, and her part was sick."

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