From the moment in 2007 that Marie-France Roy’s full part in Rome Snowboards’ team movie, Any Means was released, this humble French Canadian ripper has been making waves with seasonal succession of progressive snowboarding. Though that infamous part was rail heavy, it shows glimpses of the big mountain lines that would become more and more prevalent in Marie’s riding as her natural talent continued to evolve and she gravitated toward larger, off-piste terrain. All the while, Marie has been one of the most influential female snowboarders, to women and men alike, because her smooth, badass style speaks volumes. For the past two years, Marie decided to take on a project that would combine her love of snowboarding with the environmentalist virtues that she cares about and The Little Things Movie was born. While Marie has worn many hats in the making of this film, she had no problem collecting shots for what is one of her most notable segments yet, filled with steep, technical lines, big backcountry kickers, plentiful powder turns, and the effortless style that is her hallmark. So, sit back and enjoy Marie-France Roy’s full part from The Little Things Movie. There’s plenty of shots to call out in this part, but the line at 1:30 is nuts. So watch, re-watch, and then watch again.