One of America’s few symbols of folk culture is the mythical cowboy: the gun-slingin madcap whose hands are superhumanly cool, his every action a statement of bravado. Mark Carter is probably the closest snowboarder to conform to that demigod-like image. For most of us Home on the Range was just a song we were taught to croon during our formative years. For Mark, it was a biography. Mark was raised on a ranch, spent his youth wrastlin’ cattle and honing a type of gritty machismo that is increasingly elusive in the modern world of mudless lifestyles. When placed on a snowboard, Mark maintains his ruggedness: the terrain he rides is gruesomely big. Any wrong turn culminating in disaster. Mark’s technical finesse, stocky style, and absolute sovereignty over his snowboard and snow is itself a thing of folklore. And we’re lucky enough to see him in action in an HD full part from Arbor snowboards.