Mary’s Monday Morning Sickness: Kale Stephens full part

There are many things in life that you can’t unsee (the youtube of the skier getting a wedgie from a rope tow; that childbirth video from health class sophomore year; any photo of the Kardashians) and the intro to Kale Stephens’ Shakedown part in Mack Dawg’s 2003 offering is one of them. While loading a sled into the bed of a truck, the sled hits Kale and rips his nose completely off his face. There’s no screaming or crying–which I assume is the natural response to something like that happening. Instead, Kale looks straight at the camera and just claims the injury with the same all-or-nothing attitude that is so pervasive in his snowboarding.

In the early and mid-2000’s, when Wildcats ran rampant in the interior of British Columbia and Mack Dawg DVDs came with sticker packs, Kale Stephens’ seasonal video parts helped to incubate the growing snowboarder sledneck community. Flash forward to 2013 and Kale is still in the ninety-ninth percentile of snowboarders to chuck themselves off cliffs, booters, and pillows (though the later is less of a “chuck”, really), and do it all with a smooth style that renders his 2012/13 footage as relevant as his shots were in 2002/03. So, watch Kale’s part, your must-see section for this Monday Morning Sickness.