Mary’s Monday Morning Sickness: The Ladies say Goodbye to the Bone Zone (for now)

When I was younger, it was hard to select female role models. You either aspired to be like one of the daughters on Full House (except for the Olsen twins, because they were babies at the time, duh), Daria from MTV, or maybe the chick who was the main character in Labyrinth (or you secretly wanted to be like David Bowie, which was arguably way cooler). Side note: No one wanted to be Courtney Love from Hole. It was all fairly lackluster. Enter the women of snowboarding, and all of a sudden instead of watching Blossom reruns, you were replaying Tara Dakides’ video parts. Since then, there have been a grip of ladies that have inspired the fairer sex and currently there is a vanguard of street-saavy chicks that writing a whole new and very compelling chapter of women’s snowboarding.

Madison Blackley, Grace Mayernik, Nirvana Ortanez, Isabella Borriello, Corinne Pasela, and Amanda Hankison are a few of the riders that are charging toward rails and other features with shiny pairs of brass ovaries. They’re looking at things in new ways and aren’t satisfied to remain within the status quo. In doing so, these chicks are providing a hell of a lot for female and male snowboarders to aspire to. With the very, very sad end (for now) of the Bone Zone, filmer Amanda Hankison gathered some footage of this crew in the legendary spot and released a ladies-only edit to say farewell (for now). All of the riding is sick, but your must-see section for the week especially, is Corinne Pasela’s clips.

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