Mass Media: Snowboard Commercials

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It’s the job of a advertising agency to determine what is “cool” and what will sell their client’s product. Since snowboarding began companies have been using the sport to market everything from gum, beer, cars, cereal etc. These commercials don’t always portray our lifestyle in it’s true form, but it is funny to at least see them try. Whether or not this is good for snowboarding is questionable… on one hand it is being projected and exposed to the masses, but on the other hand they might make us come off in the wrong way. Below are some examples of ways snowboarding has been used in the past to push product. -Laura Austin

Around 1980 an advertising agency spotted a Snurfer in a copy of Playboy magazine and decided they wanted to use it for a Labatt’s commercial. This was the result.

1987 Juicy Fruit commercial featuring none other than Terry Kidwell. “The taste is gonna move you.”

Fruity Pebbles with maybe the most accurate depiction of snowboarding out of the bunch. Well maybe except for the fact that they are riding in shorts and bare feet.

This Mountain Dew is a bit odd.

This Coca Cola Japan commercial shot for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano is a bit trippy. Not only because of how it was shot, but who it was shot by. Academy award-winning director Michel Gondry was the man behind this one. You might his other work including “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” or “The Science of Sleep”. If you have seen either of those movies then this commercial will make a lot more sense.

Shaun White for American Express. And in case you didn’t catch it, that was Leanne Pelosi cast as the Canadian.

Wonder how much free Budweiser Danny Kass got for doing this commercial.

Jamie Anderson actually has nothing to do with Soap Opera she is promoting…which makes this commercial all the more random.

Gretchen Bleiler for AT&T during the 2010 Olympics.

Corona with a clever transition from beach to snow.

The General doing tricks that are physically impossible on a snowboard.

Nissan Frontier commercial that played during the Superbowl.