Men’s Fan Favorite Nominees Presented By Toyota—2020 Snowboarder Awards

The first annual SNOWBOARDER AWARDS are TOMORROW NIGHT! Come JOIN US! NO TICKET NEEDED! The winner of each category will be announced during the first annual award show at Copper Mountain on Feb. 6, 2020 (while the Dew Tour is in town). With +350 past, present and future pro riders casting their votes for the individuals and projects that most influenced our culture this past year culminating into one big night, it is poised to be quite the party (FREE TO THE PUBLIC!). Feel free to come join us in celebrating the winners, as well as the top nominees (listed below).


Zeb Powell makes the complicated look effortless. The impossible practical. Tricks that have previously been only theoretically possible by mashing buttons are loaded in his muscle memory and then displayed on his Instagram (@zebpowelll, in case your were wondering). With an ability to find pop where there’s little to be found, a rotational axis that defies accepted laws of physics, and a penchant for high velocity knuckle tricks, it is no surprise that this North Carolinian wunder rider has landed in the 2020 Rider of the Year Reader’s Choice nominees. His videos are of the “break the internet” variety and over the past year Zeb has continued to come into his own, filming more with Nitro, ThirtyTwo, and SNOWBOARDER. What will 2020 bring for this up-and-coming snowboarder? If the past couple of years are any indication, Zeb will continue to put his own spin on the status quo every time he straps in.


In March of 2019, after finishing fourth place in men’s slopestyle, Luke Winkelmann was crowned US Open Rookie, snowboarding was stoked. For years, the young buck from North Carolina had wowed onlookers with effortless style and flawless execution and during the 2019 season, it all started coming together on the world stage. Right after the open, he soared above the San Bernardinos to become the standout at The Launch 2019. In April, he headed to Aspen for a shoot with Mark McMorris, and after that, Luke was the peer-voted MVP at Red Bull Recharged, no small feat considering the roster of riders he was competing with. With a rail game sharpened on fast laps at Appalachian and Beech and jump skills honed in Colorado, what does the 2020 season hold for young Wink? Your guess is as good as ours, but we’re sure it’s just the start for the Southern shred.


Rene Rinnekangas is the latest in a lineage of Finnish phenoms who have made an impression on snowboarding via their ability to ride whatever’s in their path—though in Rene’s case, he may have taken that sentiment a little too literally, judging by his penchant for decimating rails, walls, jumps, the knuckles of jumps, the tables of jumps, really anything that has any amount snow on it. His physics-defying board control and ability to land just about anything he does has followers glued to his Instagram clips and rightfully so—Rene’s riding is insane, loose and technical at the same time. In 2019, he had his best year yet—a preview of what’s to come for this up-and-comer. Rene won silver in X Games Aspen slopestyle during his first appearance at the infamous contest. Then last fall, he dropped a mandatory-rewatch video part in SNOWBOARDER’s Everybody, Everybody. There’s plenty more to come from Rene, and readers agree, voting Rinnekangas into the nominees for the 2020 Readers’ Choice Award.

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