8:30am the kids are lined up way before any of the riders or the gear shows up.

Words and Photos: E-Stone (unless credited otherwise)

Every year since I can remember Milo Sport Salt Lake City throws the annual Pro Sale.  Jeremy Jones mentioned this was his 13th pro sale in a row, so this sale has some history.  Milo invites all the pros from the area and lets them set up shop in the parking lot effectively hosting the largest swap meet in snowboarding.  Pros come to make money and kids come to score some of the sweetest deals made in history.

Milo Pro Sale 2

As the first sun crests over the Wasatch Mountains the kids who camped out eagerly wait for the sale to start.

The parking lot really takes the feeling of a bodega in NY where anything goes and haggling is the only way to make a deal.  Kids make out like bandits and get fully kitted out for the winter.  The deals are so good that some kids camp out the night before to be let in the gates to get first pick on the product.  If you live in SLC and have never been to this sale you are missing out.  Milo really hooks up the community with this one and only asks that each pro gives ten percent of sales back to the shop to cover costs of setting it all up.

Milo Pro Sale 3

The Tents are set up and it is go time. This photo courtesy of Jeff Perry was shot right as they were opening the gates. Eager kids with tons of cash are ready to make a deal.

Milo Pro Sale 4

Jordan Mendenhall is ready to make some loot!!!

Milo Pro Sale 5

Jon Kooley like a true pro showed up ready with a pop up tent and a gang of gear. The kids at the sale only jump at the best bargains. Kooley has set up a nice shaded environment to haggle some shred sticks!

Milo Pro Sale 6

Aaron Biittner is a true hustler. Last time I saw him he was claiming he borrowed a racecar and drove 140 down the i-80. His house was right across the street from the sale so he was pimping a nice chair and an endless supply of gear to sell.

Milo Pro Sale 7

Deadlung and Bennee set up shop like some true pimps from Fulton Street NYC. Bennee was hustling T's for 5 bucks a pop while Deadlung moved the larger weight. Speaking of moving weight… one kid actually tried to trade some medical weed for gear. I'm not sure but I would guess that Deadlung jumped at the offer.

Milo Pro Sale 8

Bob Plumb was selling these ill custom made drink coasters. A set of eight was going for a super good price and all of them had sick Bob Plumb original photos. Some action and lifestyle included… Leblanc, LNP, Michalot and all sorts of other cool shots. I bought two sets so I could mix up the black and the white backdrops. Hit up Bob if you want to order a set of this dope art. Anyone that snowboards and lives in a house should own these…. bobbyplumb@yahoo.com

Milo Pro Sale 9

Tonino was hyped to show off his new motorcycle gloves. Santa's little helper?

Milo Pro Sale 10

J.P. Tomich still trying to grow a beard as long as mine. It's coming in nice but he has a little ways to go.

Milo Pro Sale 11

Jeremy Jones has been known to pull in some major cash at this sale. In years past he set up a full Burton store and pulled in way over 5 G's. He brought way less gear this season but did show up with a used snowmobile and trailer for sale for 2k. No takes on the sled but he sold plenty of gear. Photo courtesy of http://www.therealjeremyjones.com/blog/

Milo Pro Sale 12

People show up to buy the new 2010 freshness as well. I was lucky enough to walk into Milo and watch some kids buying some 2010 gear right out of the box. This kid bought the first t9 board to hit the streets in 2010. I had to toss him a copy of Represent- made in 1999 and only available on VHS, good luck finding a VHS player to watch it on but either way its cool to own. Check out that other kid's Rasta split T tattoo.

Milo Pro Sale Flyer