It’s been a warm start to the winter for much of North America, in stark contrast to the tsunami of snow that has been bathing the Rockies and beyond. But the residents of the Midwest are used to forging their own within the confines of what Mother Nature decrees and slushy, spring weather is perfect for park laps. At Trollhaugen in Wisconsin, both the park crew and the locals wasted no time throwing down as soon as snow was on the ground and the month of December was a full-on warm up for the rest of winter. Trollhaugen continues to be a mind-melting nucleus of what’s what in riding rails and the first 1817 Monday Minute of the new winter is a prime example of the type of insanity this place breeds. Enjoy!

Featuring Austin Young, Zach Monte, Luke Zajac, Benny Milam, Cullen Bernklau, Cody Beiersdorf, Sam Bakken, Krister Ralles, Mike Skiba, Kyle Kennedy, Zach Zajac, Tony Wagner, and Jeffy Gabrick.

From 1817:

Mother nature has not cooperated very well this year and we had the latest start to our season we’ve had in years. Basically the entire month of December was our preseason. Warm temps hurt snowfalls but gave us slushy spring conditions to start the season. It didn’t take long for people to get their legs back and start throwing down. I don’t know what’s in the water in Dresser, Wisconsin but Trollhaugen really is home to some of the most progressive rail riding anywhere. Enjoy the first Monday Minute of the season!

Filmed and edited by Riley Erickson.