Mary’s Monday Morning Sickness: Dillon Ojo and Mike Rav full parts

Alright, we’re a few hours late on the first edition of Monday Morning Sickness; it’s already the afternoon. But we have to admit, these two parts came as somewhat of a surprise over the past few days. I have always been stoked on the idea of a Dillon Ojo full part or a Mike Rav summer edit, but here at SNOWBOARDER Mag, we just didn’t know they would both come out so quickly one after the other. I suppose that when you start watching snowboard videos online and you consider the talent that is out there and the easy access to high quality digital cameras, you have to be prepared because full parts could drop when you least expect it.

So, here we are, the first edition of Monday Morning Sickness, a new Monday post in which we share the must-see sections from the past week that you might not have watched yet, because we don’t want you to miss anything. To celebrate this exciting announcement, we’re sharing two videos: Dillon Ojo’s Bangarang full part from last season and Mike Ravelson’s full part from Summer 2013.

Dillon Ojo, aka “Le Black” has spent the past few years incubating in his home province of Quebec, developing the skills that have now come under the microscope in the snowboard community. At only nineteen years old, he has already won the prestigious Ride Shakedown rail contest twice, yet Dillon is far from reaching full-term. With shots like the ones in this full part, it’s clear his snowboard career will continue to grow.

Mike Ravelson’s edit from 2013 at High Cascade is a crowning achievement when it comes to summer video sections. It’s obvious that he let his part gestate before dropping it last night and it was worth the wait. This video brings back nostalgia for summer and satisfies our cravings to ride just before the season starts. Oh, and it’s set to a Mariah Carey song, which is what we always listen to late at night when we’re consuming pints of ice cream and getting ready to watch marathons of New Girl.

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