Originally published in the 30th Anniversary Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, Mountain GOATS celebrates the most influential snowboarders of the last thirty years (1987-2017), otherwise known as the Greatest Of All Time list. With over 70 men and women riding into the ranks of the Mountain GOATS, check back as we release their bios and celebrated accolades over the course of the next few weeks! p: E. Stone

Mountain Goat: Halldór Helgason

Halldór Helgason for President! You heard it here first. In these scary times, anything is possible, and the X Games Gold medalist/Icelandic party monster might have a case considering the resumé it takes to land on our Hall of Famers list. With countless firsts checked off the forever-growing NBD list, as well as a slew of successful companies like Lobster and Switchback under his belt, Halldór has led a large contingent of snowboarding into a world not thought accessible for the length of two terms now.

With an unmistakable style and voice to go with it, Helgason has not only changed rail riding forever, but has easily become one of the most air aware and stylish jump riders we have ever seen. Through his own projects like Sexual Snowboarding's NoToBo and Dayumm!, or stealing the spotlight in larger flicks like Nike's Never Not and Standard Films' TB20, the youngest Helgason has been flipping and jibbing into our subconscious since he first strapped in.

Adding this Mountain GOAT accolade to his already impressive list, the Rookie of the Year and Jibber of the Year veteran is battle-tested and has easily put more mettle to metal than the current Commander in Chief. We don't know what else to say, aside from the fact that this past May, he even won the popular vote and was officially elected the 21st Superpark Standout. If Kanye can announce his running, then so can we, and that's why we're backing #Helgason2020.

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