Originally published in the 30th Anniversary Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, Mountain GOATS celebrates the most influential snowboarders of the last thirty years (1987-2017), otherwise known as the Greatest Of All Time list. With over 70 men and women riding into the ranks of the Mountain GOATS, check back as we release their bios and celebrated accolades over the course of the next few weeks!

Mountain Goat: Mikey LeBlanc

In the 1990s, Mikey LeBlanc was a key player in the new vanguard of jibbing in the mecca of Salt Lake City. He was a staple on the Kingpin roster, a purveyor of raw, powerful style, notorious for leaving everything out on the streets when filming parts filled with multi-kink lipslides and knee-buckling stairset ollies. His sections were loaded with visceral displays of commitment that defined the immense effort, crushing defeats, and rewarding victories of making a season-long part, all while pushing the boundaries of what was possible on a snowboard.

The fiery LeBlanc was no slouch when it came to airtime either, spending plenty of his winter within the expanse of the backcountry and sending consequential jumps without taking himself too seriously (see: the double back in Happy Hour). In 2000, Mikey earned a spot in the first-ever top ten Riders of the Year, a roster he would return to two seasons later. And his passion for snowboarding carried over long after unstrapping.

In 2002, Mikey founded Holden, an out-of-the-box outerwear company that took its cues from streetwear and once again, the East Coast-raised snowboarder was influencing snowboarding aesthetic, this time from behind the lens. Through Holden and production company KidsKnow, Mikey was slingshotting the next generation of riders into the clips that would launch their own legacies while continuing to stack his own shots. KidsKnow’s 2004 and 2005 films, Love/Hate and Burning Bridges, respectively, introduced a unique aesthetic to the state of snowboard videos and are still upheld as influential flicks more than a decade after their release. Mikey has long been regarded as one of snowboarding’s greats, and no list of venerable GOATs would be complete without him.

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