Originally published in the 30th Anniversary Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, Mountain GOATS celebrates the most influential snowboarders of the last thirty years (1987-2017), otherwise known as the Greatest Of All Time list. With over 70 men and women riding into the ranks of the Mountain GOATS, check back as we release their bios and celebrated accolades over the course of the next few weeks!

Mountain Goat: Peter Line

Peter Line has made as large an impact on modern snowboard culture as anyone. Coming from the Northwest during a formative period in snowboarding, Peter set the bar for freestyle progression and steered it in a corked direction, at the same time pushing fashion and aesthetics with two iconic brands, Foursquare and Forum.

Pete’s prowess was established through ‘90s Mack Dawg films Technical Difficulties and Decade, but when Line went to the moon using a Timberline hip as his launch pad, Ween blasting loud in the background, it became clear he was going bigger than anyone. The Resistance provided video evidence of what Forum represented. It was snowboarding at the highest tier, and as Pete assembled what remains regarded as the single best team that has existed in snowboarding, the Forum 8, he sought riders who ruffled his feathers.

He wanted guys that had something on him—the ones riding at a level high enough to get under his skin. As one of snowboarding’s most eclectic characters, it is this same unsuspecting competitive streak combined with inordinate ability and a penchant for risk-taking that led Peter to three X Games gold medals in big air and multiple slopestyle podiums. Peter is the quintessential snowboarder from a generation in which the concept of a professional rider was markedly defined by ability and influence—when medaling at contests and filming video parts weren’t mutually exclusive but expected, when girls would faint at Tokyo premieres, and when tricks were learned into powder not bag jumps.

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