The winner. Spencer Link.

Words & Photos: Laura Austin

As I sit on the knuckle of a jump, camera in hand, knees soggy from kneeling in the snow, SoCal sun shining in my face, and friends riding past me taunting me to come take some laps and enjoy a cold beer at the base, I wonder what I am doing sitting on this jump in the first place. Then all the sudden Spencer Link flies off the jump in front of me, cleanly landing a switch frontside 900… that is when I remember I was there covering the Cholula Triple Air event at Mountain High. It all made sense.

Brandon Davis

With my lame attempt to create a unique intro to another event write-up aside…after fourteen years of the Triple Air Show, this was the first year it has been a TTR event, meaning the competitors can earn points toward their world ranking in the snowboard circuit. This event in particular is unique in the big air category in that instead of one giant jump in a run, there are three… hence the name "Triple Air". Despite the relatively low tide winter, the Mountain High park staff was able to pull the snow together to shape a line of a 55, 45, and 60 foot jumps in that order.

Ian Thorley

The winners of the ladies' category was decided in just three runs. These girls showed some figurate balls by not seeming phased by spinning off these massive jumps. Despite Lyn Neil's 720 she threw in the mix, it was Katie Williams that took the cake and the $2,000 followed by Nirvana Ortanez winning $1,000, and Jamie Madrid with $500.

Jeremy Page

The men however had to make it through a two run qualifier to make it as one of the 11 riders in the finals. The riders to advance were Yale Cousino, Spencer Link, Ian Thorley, Trevor Jacob, Nick Sibayan, Hunter Wood, Brandon Davis, Mark Reininga, Jeremy Page, Garrett Warnick, and Alex Rodway. Once in the finals the riders had to runs to prove they were worthy of the $5,000 awarded to first place. The competitor to come out on top was Mountain High rider Spencer Link. His winning run consisted of a switch frontside 900, to a frontside 720, and ended with a backside double cork 1080. On the lower steps of the podium stood Jeremy Page with a $2,500 cash prize, and stunt man Trevor Jacob pocketing $1,500.

Almost thought Yale Cousino was going to explode on this one after catching an edge on the lip, but somehow he managed to get his feet back under him.

In the grand scheme of things, sitting in the sun watching these riders throw themselves off jumps was entertaining enough to make me forget that I could have been out there taking laps myself… so thanks for that riders.

Cholula Triple Air Full Results:

1) Spencer Link
2) Jeremy Page
3) Trevor Jacob
4) Garrett Warnick
5) Ian Thorley

1) Katie Williams
2) Nirvana Ortanez
3) Jamie Madrid
4) Lyn Neil
5) Danika Duffy

Nick Sibayan


Jeremy Page

Garrett Warnick

Nick Sibayan

You know the band is into it when the lead singer picks up a bag of pretzels and starts eating them in the middle of a song. Buffalo Blackfoot


Women's Podium. (L to R) Jamie Madrid, Katie Williams, Nirvana Ortanez


Men's podium. Trevor Jacob and Specer Link... Jeremy Page was M.I.A