Mtn High Pass Party 05

Apparently they trucked in 25 tons of snow for the rail jam. That is equivalent to the weight of about 22,679,600,000 butterflies. That's a lot of butterflies.

Words and Photos: Laura Austin

Believe it or not winter is just around the corner. So to get ready for the season Mountain High held their season pass party at Podium Distribution in Torrence, CA. You could come… buy your seasons pass, meet some pros, get free stuff in the vendor village, ride some rails, skate DVS’s indoor skatepark, eat free Wahoo’s, and listen to live bands that play throughout the day. Not a horrible way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Didn’t make it to the event? You can enter to win a free season pass to Mountain High here.

Mtn High Pass Party 01

Free Wahoo's tacos and burritos.

Mtn High Pass Party 02

Live music. Live snowboarding.

Mtn High Pass Party 03

Robbie Dapper and The Dingo hanging out, probably talking about kangaroos or something.

Mtn High Pass Party 06

Vendor village. Kids in snow pants. 80 degree weather.

Mtn High Pass Party 14

I wonder what kind of hair gel that guy uses, seems to work really really well.

Mtn High Pass Party 04

I thought it took balls to hit this setup in the first place. But for this chick to do it in short shorts proved balls weren't required.

Mtn High Pass Party 15

All of her skin still intact afterwards. Impressive.

Mtn High Pass Party 08

Over 5 live bands played throughout the day. These guys were called Charles' Mansion. They were good, but unfortunately they didn't dance like the real Charles Manson.

Mtn High Pass Party 07

Every time I walked by the stage this guy was sitting in that chair sleeping. I have no idea how someone could sleep next to those speakers blasting music. I'm pretty sure I didn't see an Ambien tent in the sponsor village.

Mtn High Pass Party 09

Skating going on inside DVS's indoor skatepark.

Mtn High Pass Party 10

People determined to pick up their Mountain High season pass.

Mtn High Pass Party 11

If the guy in the helmet either snowboarded or skated... I'm really bummed I wasn't there to witness it.

Mtn High Pass Party 12

Groms with their season passes. Did you know that "grom" is short for grommet. And a grommet is actually a little metal ring to prevent material from tearing, used on shoe lace holes for example. Grommets are supposed to prevent ripping, yet groms are encouraged to rip. Whoever came up with that one blew it.

Mtn High Pass Party 13

The Program's John Dewey hard at work.

Mtn High Pass Party 17

Flip shades. Genius or a big mistake?

Mtn High Pass Party 16

Impromptu shoot with MFM

Mtn High Pass Party 18

DVS/Matix's Ricky Melnik saving the day.

Mtn High Pass Party 19

Corey Cronk and MFM signing autographs at the Mountain High tent.

Mtn High Pass Party 20

I didn't expect to see Harry Potter there.