Ms Superpark 2011 Day 1 Photos and Recap

Torah Bright Dodds

Like the song says Torah Bright is from "a land down under" but at MS Superpark 7 it was all about women at work. r: Torah Bright p: Aaron Dodds

Recap: Heather Hendricks
Captions: Pat Bridges

ms superpark iconFor seven years, Snowboarder Magazine has recognized the need for an exclusive women’s park setup that focuses on the evolution of the sport by bringing together the world’s best female snowboarders in an atmosphere where pressure is minimal and progression is pinnacle. And that is definitely the case with this year’s Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade.

miss 3 Huggy

This pole jam double line rhythm gap was dubbed the Whale Tail. Strange because fish don't have tails and whales are mammals. p: Ryan Hughes

Ms Superpark is the highly acclaimed spring event that invites top lady riders to show their individual creativity, drive, and passion for snowboarding. The first day of the 2011 event kicked off today at Keystone Resort in Summit County, Colorado under blinding sun and cloudless skies.

miss 2 Huggy

MS Superpark was going to feature some stock jumps but with how volatile Wall Street has been our financial advisors suggested that we diversify our features. p: Ryan Hughes

For over two weeks, Keystone’s Park Crew has been busy creating the advanced setup in the notorious Area 51 Terrain Park and their diligence is evident. The crew of 18 has been working tirelessly to create the pristine setup that is innovative and straight up gnarly.

miss 1 Huggy

This gap jump looks like a "rail" good time. p: Ryan Hughes

The park spans two sections of Area 51 and boasts a bunch of different features that can be hit anyway imaginable. From three lofty jumps up top, to the whales tail, to the quarterpipe, or the log tap, there’s features for everyone.

Ms Superpark Day 1 LA 069 jenny2

G Men is a slang term for FBI agents. G Women is a magazine for the modern golfer. G Series is a line of Gatorade sports drinks which fuels your body before, during and after practice, training and competition. G whiz is the reaction people have after reading this caption. R: Jenny Jones p: Laura Austin

This morning, over fifty ladies made their way to park and the first reaction from many was that they were super stoked on the setup, but a bit surprised at the size of some of the features. A handful of jumps have large gaps in them making the consequences high if not hit with enough speed or precision.

kimmy fasani oli

SNOWBOARDER would like to congratulate Kimmy Fasani on earning a coveted DC diamond team ring. Things are sweet. Nate Bozung had one and refused to give it back until the courts made him and Eddie Wall had one stolen at the Roosevelt Hotel. They aren't as sweet as the DC Cabs though. Mr T had one of those. Kimmy Fasani p: Oli Gagnon

As the ladies loosened up, everyone was sending the first and second jump, but few even attempted the third. Jenny Jones broke the mold and was one of the first girls to spin off the massive third table top. Her confident, elegant style is revered by many of the younger riders and rightfully so- the girl rips. When asked about the jumps, Jenny said, “They’re lovely, absolutely lovely.”

Ms Superpark Day 1 LA 054 amiee fuller

Do you know how we can tell Aimee Fuller is from Northern Ireland? Because all of her tricks are the bomb. R: Aimee Fuller p: Laura Austin

After a morning session of feeling out the course and getting comfortable on the features, the girls sessioned the ‘whales tail’ which was also coined the ‘caterpillar,’ ‘the saddle’, and ‘double penetration’ by Megan Whiteside. Whiteside said the feature was super fun, but “you have to land perfectly on both the first jump and the step-down, or you’re gonna have a bad time.”

erin-comstock Huggy

Erin Comstock? More like Airin' Comstock. r: Erin Comstock p: Huggy

DC’s Kimmy Fasani was sending it on this feature and threw a back 180 off the pole jam and stomped a perfect 3 on the step-down. Fasani was one of the girls that lapped relentlessly today, saying she “probably took the chair at least 15 times and hiked 5 times.” Fasani also said, “this is the best Superpark setup yet, and [she’s] so stoked for it.” Her dedication was palpable and many of the girls looked to her for advice on speed and even what to spin on the features.

Robin VanGyn Dodds

Robin ObGyn gives the quarterpipe a-frame jib a check up. Oops. Our bad. We meant Robin Van Gyn. R: Robin Van Gyn p: Aaron Dodds

Also turning heads today was Roxy’s Torah Bright. The Australian ripper has been playing it low key this season, skipping all contests and staying out of the limelight. She returned today with a vengeance, sending it deep on the jumps and tweaking out grabs like she’s been riding a private slopestyle course all season.

Raewyn Reid Dodds

Raewyn should make a backcountry bio flick and call it "Reid Between The Lines." Raewyn Reid p: Aaron Dodds

Many other girls stood out today like Erin Comstock, Spencer O’Brien, Robin Van Gyn, Sarka Pancochova and Nikki Slecta, to name a few. The camaraderie between the girls is unreal, and the positive attitudes from all will ensure that as the week progresses, the riding and ultimately women’s snowboarding, will as well. Big thanks to Keystone Resort for putting together one hell of a setup this year.

madison-blackley Huggy

There has got to be a cherry picker caption in here somewhere. Oh well, Madison Blackley ended Day 1 at MS Superpark 7 with a timeless method. r: Madison Blackley p: Huggy