Kumara kelley chris 2

We haven’t seen this much contrast in a photo since a before and after picture of Michael Jackson. R: Kumara Kelley P:   Chris Garrison

Recap: Heather Hendricks
Captions: Laura Austin

ms superpark iconThe month of March may have come in like a lamb, but it went out like a lion for the third day of Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade at Keystone Resort.

‘Ms SuperPow’ as it’s been coined by some, experienced another day of erratic Colorado weather. The morning session was hampered by intense fog and snow which made visibility minimal at best. Since it wasn’t the most ideal weather for shredding park, some of the girls ventured to Keystone’s Outback and tapped into the foot of fresh that had fallen over night.

Ms Superpark Day 3 LA 22 ty walker

This photo makes us think of ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, which of course leads to Chuck Norris. Did you know Chuck Norris has been to Mars; that’s why there’s no signs of life. R: Ty Walker P: Laura Austin

During the afternoon session, the snow stopped and the sun tried to poke it’s head out of the thick grey skies. The little hints of light brightened everyone’s spirits and created an atmosphere that was all about having fun and getting creative.

We caught up with some of the girls in between runs for their insight into Day 3 of Ms Superpark 7. Check out what they had to say-

blewitt huggy

Maybe if Emily drank more Gatorade she could avoid hitting the wall so often. And as far as her last name goes, she was probably picked on enough in school so we will leave that one alone. R: Emily Blewitt P: Huggy

Spencer O’Brien:
My favorite part about Superpark is all of the girls coming together to ride. It’s like the only time of year when all the film girls and the contest girls get to shred together, and this is the best Superpark setup we’ve ever had- the jumps are great. We haven’t had the best weather but everyone is having fun and it’s super good.

My favorite feature is probably the pole jam to whales tail. I think it’s super creative and really well built. Other than that the triple line is super good, and I’m really hoping that tomorrow we get to shoot on it.

Day 3 Standouts: Raewyn Reid on the up to flat. I just saw her do 50/50 frontboard pretzel out which was pretty sick.

gillian-andrewschenko huggy

If Pat Bridges were writing these captions he would probably come up with something witty about planks and pirates for this photo. But he isn’t writing these captions. R: Gillian Andrewschenko P: Huggy

Kjersti Buaas:
My favorite part about Superpark is that all the girls come here and it’s really creative and everyone just hits whatever feature that suits them best. It’s nice to see so much individuality and style come out. That makes me happy.

Favorite Feature: I actually don’t know yet because I haven’t hit everything yet. I’ve been sick for like ten days, so this is my first day here and I’m just cruising around. I think the jumps look so sick and that butterpad looks really good. So tomorrow, when the sun comes out, it’ll be good.

Day 3 Standouts: Jamie did some sick stuff on the rails and me and Chanelle have been riding the hip with the basketball hoop, I really like it. It’s kind of small and flat landing, but it’s super fun. It was better than expected today. There’s a lot of good riders here. Lot of good style here too.

Ms Superpark Day 3 LA 33 colleen

This photo would be a lot better if there was just a little more sky in the frame. R: Colleen Quigley P: Laura Austin

Robin Van Gyn:
Best part of Superpark: I think it’s seeing everybody at one venue. I think that’s the best part! I mean it’s always awesome to ride a super sick park, but it’s nice to see everybody.

Favorite Feature: Whales tail. Hands Down. Cannon to Whales tail for sure.

Day 3 Standouts: I saw Leanne do a pillow line, that was rad.

elena-hight huggy

Whoever thought that this feature would be cool is kind of like the first person who thought that drinking the white stuff that comes out of a cow’s udder was a good idea. R: Elena Hight P: Huggy

Jamie Anderson:
Superpark is great! To come out here and have a private park, get all the girls together to session, have fun, ride some cool features and learn some new tricks. It’s a good little spring session.

Day 3 Standouts: I saw some girl try and do a front 3 to tap and she broke the tap. It was pretty funny and awesome.

Ms Superpark Day 3 LA 12 kjersti

Shifty: ˈshif-t" – indicative of a tricky nature. How fitting. R: Kjersti Buaas P: Laura Austin

Megan Whiteside:
Best part of Superpark: Riding with everyone. That’s been my favorite part, having everyone at the same place and the same time.

Favorite Feature: Keystone always does a phenomenal job with their park, so everything is really on point and I’d say that my favorite feature is still that gap jump just cause it’s big and different—-

Day 3 Standouts: I saw a girl take out the sign and then Kumara Kelley has been completely gapping the hip and going over the sign and sending it. I’m stoked for her.

Bryn Valaika Dodds

Insert pickle joke here. R: Bryn Valaika P: Aaron Dodds

Chanelle Sladics:
Super Duper Park! I think seeing all the girls is the best part because a lot of girls come out of the woods, out of the backcountry, out of the contests and come in from all angels, out of the urban city street rail scene, so you get a mix of many different colors and personalities here. Keystone went above and beyond in terms of creativity. It’s the best Superpark I’ve been to, minus the weather.

Favorite Feature: I like the Gatorade up-rail and I’m hitting the hip right now. Everything is pretty fun. The jumps are going to be epic too, so that’s going to be going down tomorrow.

Day 3 Standouts: I was having fun doing laps with Kjersti, hitting the first rail into the pow, then hitting the cat track and spinning out of that into powder. I was liking that line…. We got Izzy getting all sexual on these rails. And Raewyn did a sick frontboard pretzel out on the up-rail feature and Jamie just came out of nowhere and is slaying it like usual.

raewyn-reid huggy

Raewyn actually rode the up rail from the side and this is her dropping into the quarterpipe. SNOWBOARDER’s Online Editor was just to busy searching for the end of the internet to turn Huggy’s sequence into an animated gif. You can see the whole thing in the video from day 3. R: Raewyn Reid P: Huggy

Lynn Neil:
My favorite part of Superpark is watching all the girls rip because I’m injured right now, so I can’t hit the jumps but they look so sweet and the Whalestail feature is sick. I think that’s my favorite feature.

Standout Today: I’ve haven’t seen too much go down today except for on the hip. Nicki Slechta was going so big today and was tapping the sign. I think she went the biggest I’ve seen today.

To all of those who informed us who this is, thank you… we should have known better. R: Ashley Thorton P: Huggy

Alice Gong:
Superpark is so much fun this year. If anything it’s just having a great reunion with your friends that you don’t get to see all year and its amazing having this energy and all of these girls around.

Favorite Feature: I like the lower tube and the hip with the sign tap, it’s cool to get interactive with your features!

Day 3 Standouts: I’m following my girl Izzy into the gap on the left of the whales tail and I just saw her spin. I’m pretty inspired so I think I’m going to follow her into it on this run.

Ashley Thornton:
Best part of Superpark: So far hanging out with all the ripping girls that are out here and how amazing Keystone has set up the park for us. It’s been snowing the whole time and they’ve made it a blast.

Favorite Feature: The whales tail would be my favorite feature. I haven’t hit it since the first day, but tomorrow when the sun comes back out, that’s what I’ll be playing on.

The last day of Ms Superpark 7 presented by Gatorade goes down tomorrow at Keystone Resort. Fingers crossed for a sunny day that’s sure to witness the most progressive riding yet.