Ms Superpark 2013 presented by Gatorade – day 3 recap and photos


words: Mary Walsh
photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes and Mike Yoshida

During day 3 at Ms Superpark 2013 presented by Gatorade at Keystone Resort, the gloves came off. Literally, because Mother Nature bestowed an even nicer day than the past two: there was not a cloud in the sky and sun was beaming onto the A51 park. Figuratively, because the ladies have had two days to get to know the park and with each lap, each hike, and each make or bail, these women were turning it up a notch on their third day of riding.

Comfort levels had been built on the gap jump on day 2, and today, the doubles began. Kumara Kelley and Heather Baroody were throwing side by side front threes and back threes respectively. Those girls are bossy. Enni Rukajarvi was exuding clean style, putting down cab five tails, and Possum Torr was landing smooth fives, as well. These jumps are big and the women handled them effortlessly.

The sessions in late afternoon the first two days have been host to some gnarly riding and today was no different. The ladies cruised down to the bottom of the park and the multi-option closeout island. Erin Comstock, Kjersti Buaas, Christy Prior and and a few others started a heated session on the flat rail to redirect wallride. Doubles ensued there, as well.

Madison Blackley and Mary Rand have been showcasing their rail-riding talent all week, applying their street skills to the A51 park set up. Yesterday, the two were doing doubles through the tunnel and today they returned to the rail zone to hit up different parts of the set up. "There's actually a lot of options. There's lips everywhere that people don't really think about, which is really cool," commented Madison, who has been destroying features with her unique eye for creative lines. "The park crew did such a good job, you can trust any of the lips and know that everything's going to work out how you'd like it to."

Chanelle Sladics, Alexa McCarty and Nirvana Ortanez hit up the side of the metal, corrugated tube, stomping stalls and 180 ons and offs. Nirvana was trying handplants, and judging by how it was going, it's likely she'll add them to her repertoire before the week is done.

"Depending on where you're from, people have different styles of riding and do a lot of similar tricks," said Madison, explaining part of what makes riding with all of the women during Ms so unique. "But, then you get together with all these other chicks who ride from different areas and it's just completely different. No one's doing the same tricks--their crew does a lot of frontboards and this crew does a lot of frontlips and you put them all together."

This was no more evident than in the large session in the closeout area. While some ladies were making their mark on the metal elements, others took to transition and a jump session started up. The gap from the closeout to the landing is no joke. It's sizable and the drop is big, but this posed no problem for Melissa Evans, Mariah Dugan, Courtney Cox, and Erika Vikander, who starting sending the gap in heavy rotation. Choosing their preferred option, whether the jump or the canon, they dropped one by one, and with each tow up and run down, they ramped up their tricks. Everything stopped when one of the women came cruising in toward the gap. The assembled crowd, riders and staff alike, whipped out their smartphones to capture what was going down in front of them (check instagram for the shots). The third day of Ms Superpark 2013 was nothing short of impressive as a whole, and super stylish threes courtesy of Courtney and Melissa, on the jump and the canon respectively--were a picturesque and fitting way to close out day 3.

Stay tuned for one more day of Ms Superpark 2013 presented by Gatorade at Keystone. For more follow @snowboardermag and #MsSuperpark on instagram.

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