March 8th is International Women's Day. Started in 1908, this holiday celebrates the economic, political, and social achievements of women. Though SNOWBOARDER didn't plan our annual women's event to coincide, it seems fitting that on this day, we would celebration the progression and achievements of women in our own way: on hill.

"With Ms Superpark 2013, SNOWBOARDER and Keystone came together to create a park that allowed the ladies to bring their best tricks to terrain they’ve never taken them to before, like the sixty-foot channel jump, step-over cannon and step-down closeout gap," said SNOWBOARDER Magazine Editor, Pat Bridges. "We had an amazing four days in the Rockies and SNOWBOARDER really appreciates everything that Keystone, Gatorade, and the riders made happen at Ms Superpark 2013."

The entire week of Ms Superpark 2013 presented by Gatorade was met with consistent and beautiful weather, which, combined with the massive, creative, and perfectly-constructed features created by the Keystone A51 Park Crew, set the stage for next-level women's snowboarding to go down. Over the course of the week, we were witness to massive airs and doubles on jumps, as ladies like Enni Rukajarvi, Kjersti Buaas, Kumara Kelley, Silje Norendal, Heather Baroody, Jenny Jones, and Christy Prior woman-handled the transfer gap.

The closeout island was as consequential as current rail set ups come, lined with a bright red closeout rail on all sides and a wide, deep gap to make it to the landing. When Melissa Evans, Mariah Dugan, Courtney Cox, and Erika Vikander stepped to the jump and the canon over the gap, they made it clear what women's riding is achieving in both ability and style.

Additionally, the next generation of female standouts spent the week hiking in the high altitude in order to nail tricks both familiar and new. Madison Blackley, Nirvana Ortanez, Stephanie Sue Feld, Mary Rand, and Alexa McCarty prominently displayed the incoming wave of women's riding, and it's the kind that rides hard, gets bruised up, and keeps blazing.

“Gatorade was excited to partner with Ms. Superpark again this year and wishes all the girls the best of luck as they continue to push snowboarding forward," said Martin Nance, Gatorade Global Sports Marketing.

Throughout all of the progression that Ms Superpark saw over the course of the week, one rider made her presence known each day as she slaughtered both jumps and rails, pushed her limits, and did it all with a giant smile on her face. SNOWBOARDER Magazine is stoked to select Christy Prior, New Zealand-native-turned-Breckenridge-local-in-the-winter, as the Gatorade Driven From Within Ms Superpark 2013 Standout. Christy, who rides for Burton, Electric, Mons Royale, Candygrind, and Undergound Skate, joins an elite crew of women who have garnered this accolade in years prior, including Kjersti Buaas, Kimmy Fasani, Jess Kimura, and Hana Beaman.

Commented Bridges, "New Zealand's Christy Prior can no longer be considered a rider down under the radar. She is leading the next generation of hungry rulers who not only have the skills, but also the style to match."

Christy was awarded 2,500 dollars, a year's supply of Gatorade, and also earned an invite to Amusement Park presented by Kimmy Fasani at Mammoth Mountain, an exclusive shoot and progression session for a group of the best female pro riders and a handful of up and comers. SNOWBOARDER is stoked to partner with Amusement Park and Kimmy to provide this opportunity for our standout rider.

Christy embodies the drive and progression of the whole week, never mind that she was coming off an injury from earlier in the season. "I'm all about overcoming fears and I think it's really good to stay positive," said Christy. "I actually overshot the gap jump pretty bad. I think I caught maybe the last ten feet of tranny and I was pretty terrified to hit it again, to be honest. But, I got over it and I hit it again and it wasn't the best straight air of my life, but I found the sweet spot and that was the start of probably my favorite session of the week."

From all of us at SNOWBOARDER Magazine, we can't thank the women of Ms Superpark enough for throwing down at Keystone and lapping the park with us. Everyone was witness to some incredible riding the past four days and we have the instagrams to prove it. Thank you to the staff at Gatorade, the ski patrollers who always had huge smiles on their faces, the chefs who made us quite possibly the best on hill lunches we have ever eaten, the staff at Luigi's Pasta House for cooking our crew dinner/dealing with us every night, the staff at 9280' for an epic party, and of course, the events and marketing crew at Keystone, and the Keystone A51 Park Staff who were instrumental in making Ms Superpark 2013 such a success.

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