Ms Superpark 2019: Day 3 Photos, Recap and Jess Kimura Interview

Red sky at morning, wall rides take warning. p: Clavin

Pardon any grammatical errors, this recap is being written after literally riding from sunup to sundown. That being said… wowo wat A grate dae itwas. Just kidding. We pride ourselves on grammar and punctuation here. That is why the SNOWBOARDER crew arrived on hill at 6:37am this morning after a group text went out promptly telling everyone to be ready by 6:30am. Alas our tardiness for the sunrise shoot and current sleep-deprived state to Google a better adjective, we will sum it up by just saying the morning session was lit. Huge thanks to Stefi Luxton, Nora Beck, Ari Morrone, Madison Blackley, Desiree Melancon, Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, Taylor Elliot and the rest of the riders for making the first sunrise shoot of Ms Superpark a success! Featuring the mesh wall ride that once resided at the DC Mountain Lab, 20+ ladies planted, slid, and stalled in and out of golden light until it was time for breakfast.

MsSuperpark day3 March19 walsh 2
Early morning Glammert shot. Jacque Lammert. p: Mary Walsh
MsSuperpark Day 3 Yosh 2
Photo bomb. p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark Day 3 Yosh 3
Crosby, stalls, mesh, and sun. p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark day3 March19 walsh 9
Can’t blame the photographer for going long lens here. Taylor Elliot. p: Mary Walsh

After some coffee, it was straight to the hip up on Boulder Park run. Ty Schnorrbusch set the line and started off the session, with plenty of ladies in tow. Katie Kennedy lofted up some airs, Kailey and Ashley Bogart lapped through, and Stefi Luxton showed everyone exactly what a proper hip hit looks like. Emma Crosby joined in to warm up her legs, but everyone knew she had her eyes set on a different feature—the untouched step-down jump with a cat parked on the deck. It didn’t take long before a small crew hiked to the backside of the hip to start checking speed.

MsSuperpark Day 3 Yosh 5
We know Stefi Luxton and is from New Zealand and a subject of the Queen of England, but how dare she show up at our event in America wearing a red coat. p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark Day 3 Yosh 8
Poppin perks. p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark day3 March19 walsh 4
Andele andele, mami, E.I. E.I
Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh what’s poppin’ tonight? Nelly Steinhoff. p: Mary Walsh

Once again dropping first, Ty Schnorrbusch went HUGE on the feature, stoking out the crowd. Next up, Emma Crosby borrowed Jess Kimura’s helmet and sent a few over the lip. Nelly Steinhoff joined in and in between wind bursts, pulled a solid method for the photogs on the deck. After both Nelly and Ty went down on the landing—sadly taking them out of the session, Emma charged on by herself and spun a few massive front threes, earning the respect of her peers and probably plenty of beers tonight. Crosby received a huge cheers as she walked into the lodge, even getting Jess Kimura to say, “That is the highest my helmet has ever been.”

MsSuperpark Day 3 Yosh 9
“That is the highest my helmet has ever been.”- Jess Kimura. r: Emma Crosby . p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark day1 MadisonBlackley March19 walsh 17 (1)
Madison back boardley. p: Mary Walsh
Desiree Melancon enjoying some Lein Cuisine. p: Mark Clavin

For the rest of the day, it was minipipe madness. The park crew brought out music, and it felt like all the Ms Superpark attendees were dropping in. Made up of a heavy field of rail riders, it was pretty sick seeing everyone take on some transition. Arianna Grande might have started the session, but Desiree Melancon claimed the champ spot with stylish Leins, Japans, and plants. Summer Fenton, Naima Antolin, Riley Elliot, Jacque Lammert, Tyler Davies, Jenaya Jenkins, and plenty more hit and hiked, while others just watched. With rumors circulating about the minipipe being all-time all week, it was easy to see they were true with the amount of tricks that went down. Right after Jess Kimura threw up some head high methods out of the pipe, we caught up with her for a quick chat.

This is a nice photo, maybe Jacque should get it Lammert-nated. p: Mark Clavin

When was your first Ms Superpark? What number Ms. is this for you?
I don’t know how many I’ve come to, but my first one was, I think it at June back in the day.

You’ve been really instrumental in many women’s-driven projects: events like IT’S TITS! and The Uninvited most recently. Why do you think that projects like these are important for the women’s community in snowboarding?
I think that a big part of girls being able to progress in snowboarding is feeling like someone gives a shit. It’s hard for guys to see what it feels like–not to do a sob story at all, but [as a female] you can kind of feel like what you’re doing is a joke. When there’s an official event with a magazine attached to it, media attached to it, and real people showing up to shoot, it gives the girls confidence that what they’re doing is actually worth it, so they should keep going.

How’s your experience been at Ms. Superpark this week so far? Have you ever been to boulder before?
Never been to Boulder, never been to Pennsylvania. I didn’t even know where it was—not because I’m rude but because I’m from Canada and they don’t teach us the geography of The States. Once I was in Colorado and I was like, “I’m on the East Coast, baby!” People were like, “No, you’re not.”

So, what do you think of Boulder?
It’s fun, kind of Yawgoo, mellow-style.

What have you been up to so far at Ms.?
Just going back and forth between hitting a few things and then filming the girls when I can. I brought my camera because I know what it’s like to be at Superpark and have that pressure of being one of the few on a session. So, I just want to work other girls into it by being like, “Hey I’m here, there’s no pressure. I’ll film it if you want, but you can also just drink a beer if you want, here’s a beer.”

I was just talking with another rider about feeling that pressure to perform—feeling really stoked and also feeling like a do-I-even-deserve-to-be-here kind of thing.”
Oh, I had that. I remember the first Superpark I showed up to and it’s so annoying because my when I say, “I’m going to Superpark,” my mom’s still like, “Remember when you went to Mammoth and you were on the plane and you called me and you were like, ‘Oh my gosh, all the pros are here.’” The whole plane was Kjersti Buaas, Anne Flore—like everyone was there and I was like, “Holy shit.” I had never hit a step-down before, but we just hit what was in front of us. I came up like twenty feet short, smashed my heels and I remember just going into the bushes and crying, trying to like pep talk myself to get back into it. Seeing the girls here, I remember that experience and I’m trying to be super nice, so they didn’t feel like that, too.

There’s a lot of inspiration and progression happening here, but there also definitely can be that pressure to perform.
Totally. But I think that that is important because if a person wants career as a pro snowboarder, they are gonna deal with 90% pressure. So, it’s a good way to break them in, in situation where they’re not the only one there with all the pressure on them, you know? But still, they need to understand that this isn’t the only time that they’re going to get to hit a jump with a photographer there. I remember thinking, “This is my only chance to have any success in snowboarding. I have to send it, I have to kill myself.” But it’s also sick to see the standouts come out confident and be able to hit something when even the guys are coming up short on the jump and still be able to get a shot on it. Not just hit it but be able to get a shot on it.

Speaking of that, have you noticed anyone you’re hyped on this week?
Emma [Crosby] is sick. She is insane. I’ve never heard of her before, but now I won’t forget her.

You’ve been hanging out at the quartepipe, anything you’ve been particularly stoked on during those sessions?
I’ve been watching the jib girls learn handplants. That’s really sick. Maria [Thomsen] learned Alexa [McCarty] learned them. Even the girls who haven’t hit a quarterpipe before have been hitting it anyway because the session’s going on there.

Ms. Superpark is one of a handful of unique events in that it not only provides a setting for riders to do tricks their confident in, but also to try new things and learn new tricks.
Totally. Well, the girls don’t get a lot of chances to shine. They don’t have a lot of stages to stand on. And hopefully that changes, but I think that something like this gives them a chance to. It gives them a reason to take that risk and take it to the next level.

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