Ms Superpark 2019: Day 4 Photos, Recap and Stefi Luxton Interview From Big Boulder Park

All week the weather report for Thursday was looking dreary and filled with rain, but in typical East Coast fashion, on Thursday morning, the sun was out and the sky was blue. By ten am, the park was filled with the riders of Ms. Superpark, eager to throw down in the spring conditions. It was the final day of the event, everyone had been riding hard all week, but there was little slowing down as the park was perfect and riders still had tricks they wanted to tick off.

MsSuperpark Day 4 Yosh 4
Ender ender. Switch front board by Alexis Roland. p: Mike Yoshida
Desiree Melancon keeping the garden alive on day 4. p: Mark Clavin
MsSuperpark day4 March19 walsh 16
Jacque Lammert being a little creepy at Ms. Superpark. p: Mary Walsh

The jib set up beneath the jump line was the first zone to go off. Savannah Golden, Maria Thomsen, Jenaya Jenkins, and Taylor Davies kicked off a session on the DFD on rider’s right and the action quickly spread to across the plaza. Sophie Nicholls-Austin frontblunted the Monster handrail and Maria backed her up with a frontblunt sameway. Jacque Lammert 50-50’d the looker’s right creeper rail and then went switch 50-50 back one out on the left side creeper. Taylor Elliot, Maria Thomsen, Ty Schnorrbusch, and Abby Ronca squeezed every last hit out of the tube-to-gap like it was a small toothpaste container at the end of a long vacation. The session was closed down when Lexi Rolland effortlessly switch frontboard the DFD in the center of the set up. The crowd of assembled riders lost it as the Minnesotan rail phenom rode away.

MsSuperpark Day 4 Yosh 6
Laura Rogoski through the donkey. p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark Day 4 Yosh 7
Maria Thomsen gunning down the barrel. p: Mike Yoshida

As the sun beat down, the ladies moved up the hill to the QP. Desiree Melancon, Stefi Luxton, Katie Kennedy, and Nirvana Ortanez planted the coping into smithereens. It was good timing, seeing as the clouds rolled in just as the session winded down. After a short break in the lodge, Jess Kimura, Stefi, Laura Rogoski, and Maria Thomsen headed up to the hip for one final session. A few warm-up hits later, and a perfect line was set. Emma Crosby, Nora Beck, Amanda Hankison and Alexa McCartty cheered as Stefi sent some stylish airs to the moon and Jess Kimura went for a few huge classic methods. Lucas Magoon joined in on the session for a few hits, getting the invite to ride through his 15-month-year old daughter Winter, and Maria Thomsen followed suit. A perfect way to cap off a most excellent week.

The future of Ms. Superpark. Winter Magoon with her parents Tonya and Lucas. p: Mark Clavin
Taylor Elliot keeping her distance on this one! p: Mark Clavin
Sure, Katie Kennedy can do hand stands, but this is much more imPRESSive. p: Mark Clavin

Once everyone debooted, the remaining attendees in town joined at Shenanigans for awards and drinks. Between some booths inside the restaurant made famous by the movie Super Troopers, Pat Bridges gave out the two honors. Stefi Luxton took home the people’s princess award for ripping all week and pitching in to help just about everyone on hill while Emma Crosby was crowned as the 2019 Ms. Superpark Standout! Joining the ranks of riders like Marie France-Roy, Cheryl Maas, Hana Beaman, Christy Prior, Kimmy Fasani, Jess Kimura, and Kjersti Buaas, Emma could not only hang with the best in every session, she often times put down the cleanest trick. As the only one to spin the biggest jump every built in PA, it was well deserved. CONGRATS EMMA!

MsSuperpark day4 March19 walsh 29
Stefi Luxton lift-off. p: Mary Walsh
MsSuperpark Day 4 Yosh
The People’s Princess, Stefi Luxton. p: Mike Yoshida
MsSuperpark Day 4 Yosh 2
The deal sealer? Emma Crosby over the jump. p: Mark Clavin

That being said, we caught up with Stefi before she won for one final interview from Ms. Superpark.

You’ve been to a few Ms. Superparks—what was your first one?

So this is your fifth one? Or Fourth?
Wait…okay, squaw, keystone, Mammoth, here. Fourth.

When you heard that the event was coming back, what was your reaction to the event returning?
I was very stoked. This has always been one of my favorite events to come to. It’s always just a good time. Everyone’s riding super well and there’s no pressure, so I was excited.

Had you been to PA before?
No, never been to Pennsylvania. First time, great vacation.

What’s your impression of Boulder and the parks?
I think this place is awesome. Everyone just loves snowboarding, it seems. It’s definitely like all snowboarders—I actually have only really seen two skiers and one of them is Taylor [Lundquist] who also snowboards. So, yeah it’s cool. It seems like everyone’s out here for a good time.

So now we’re on the last day of Ms. Superpark. You hit nearly everything here. What features and zones have you been excited about and had fun riding?
My favorite feature is 100% the hip. It’s just a really well-built hip. There’s not really impact on the landing. A lot of hips I’ve hit, they’re very impact-y. So, yeah that’s definitely my favorite. And then always quarterpipes because you can’t not have fun on quarterpipes.

On day two, the quarterpipe was going off and you were putting down proper handplants. How was that session?
Its’ so cool how sessions get started at Ms. Superprk. There’s one person that starts something and then everyone joins in. That’s what has just been happening and so that’s what started the second day on the quarterpipe. It seemed to be that most poeople leaned handplants if they didnt’ know them or if not, learned something, which was very cool. It was fun.

You learned an eggplant right?
I learned an eggplant, but I feel like I haven’t learned it yet. Still working on the grab. (laughs)

You’re also a veteran of Superpark. What are some of the similarities or differences between Ms. Superpark and Superpark?
Ms Superpark is much more mellow to me. I don’t know, I have attended Superparks before in the past but I don’t really attend them, I’m kind of just there, you know? So yeah, it’s fun to be here and be sessioning with everyone and not just feeling like I’m getting in the way. (laughs)

To that end, do you think that an event like this that is women’s-specific is valuable to have during the season?
Yeah, 100%. I think all-women’s events are great. I always snowboard with guys, so anytime I get to snowboard with women I’m stoked.

Is this the first time you’ve ridden park in months? Because you live in Mammoth and maybe the park is still buried under their record snowfall?
Ha, yeah, this is the first time I’ve actually ridden park all season. I may have ridden park early season, but I don’t even really remember it, so…this is day three for me.

You spent all January in Japan, right? So that was another all-powder situation?
Yes, only powder. (laughs)

Part of that time you spent with the DC team, right? How was working on Transitors video project with the crew?
It was cool. It was my first team trip. Everyone was really awesome and welcomed me into the crew. It was really fun riding with those guys. It was an experience I’ve never been a part of before. I was stoked and hope to do it again soon.

And now, you’re going to go back to Mammoth tomorrow?
Yep. I’m actually coming to The Launch next week. I’m bringing one of my little 13-year-old friends to The Launch. I’m going to ride and I’m going to try to take some photos—I’ve been trying to learn that this week.

We will see you all next year. Huge thanks to Monster Energy, Nikita, and of course Big Boulder Park for putting it all on!

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