Ms. Superpark 5: Day 2


Words: Eric Meyers

Day Two here at Ms. Superpark 5 started a little on the slow side. As the ladies showed up, the wind was whipping across the ridge most the features are situated on. The breeze didn't slow everyone down though, as Kimmy Fasani and a few friends were still seen charging the channel gap midday. It takes a true veteran of this event and a work ethic that would make Trump proud to keep going after shots when the weather isn't perfect, so thanks to Kimmy for leading the way early on.

Hiding out underneath her in the quarterpipe, the Roxy vixens managed to pull some strings and get a new bonk set up at the top of the tranny. Erin Comstock and Alexis Waite were having fun on that obstacle for some time, while Colleen Quigley and Gabby Viteri were warming up on the wrecking ball and cone up top. A small gang of girls was also staying under the radar with a mellow session on one of June Mountain's most unique features, a wallride made out of a giant satellite dish.

The patience of the women finally paid off around four or five o'clock, as the lifts were closed to the public and the wind seemed to leave with them… it was go time before we knew it. A session picked up on the channel gap, with several ladies going for big spins, and the hip saw more hits than a Chris Brown and Rihanna conversation. Bryn Valaika was setting the bar high again today, proving that big things come in small packages with massive nose and tail grabs covered in style.

Some weather may be heading in over the next two days, so join us in crossing your fingers for the best, because these girls are seriously killing it up here!