Photos: Espen Lystad, except #1
Words: Jenna Klein

Flocking from near and far, both virgin and veteran women alike christened Snow Summit during the opening day of Snowboarder Magazine's 6th annual Ms. Superpark presented by Gatorade. A place of many firsts, Snow Summit has been long recognized for its commitment to monumental park features and progression since snowboarding's dark ages. Borrowing park staff from sister resort Bear Mountain, the men transformed the typical ski zone paradise into a pleasure playground for the ladies. With more egg's on hill than a farmhouse, the female population got straight to sending it with little hesitation. Headed by notable names including Hana Beaman, Bryn Valaika, Anne Flore Marxer, Janna Meyen Weatherby, Jenny Jones, Desiree Melancon, Raewyn Reid, Leanne Pelosi and Natazka Zurek, this ain't no pussy party.

Laid out for the ladies are two pristine hips, a generous sized channel gap, a step down and a downrail. Wasting no time, women hit the gas on the hip with little conscious thought about how far into the flats they were about to go. Blasting large and bruising parts was commonplace for a contingent of the crew, yet no one needed ski patrol to carry their carcass at the end of the day. Prevailing during the first hip session was Bryn Valaika and her unquestionably proper method's, Jess Kimura's tuck knee's and other fetching maneuvers by Laura Hadar, Hana Beaman, Anne Flore Marxer and Nirvana Ortanez. Also impressive was Desiree, who with wind in her absent locks continued to bring a bald beat-down to the hip for hours.

With the women getting comfortable, look for babes to push past their boundaries as the week goes on. We can't guarantee what kind of action lay ahead, but considering Jess Kimura pulled off some oversized alley-oop front 3's on the hip while in more physical pain than even imaginable, the future looks promising. Check back for more as the ladies let down their hair and let loose. Sans Desiree of course.