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Photos: Espen Lystad
Words: Jenna Klein

There are many words associated with the female breed and their overall athletic stamina and endeavors, but the word I'd like to associate with the women of the 2010 Ms. Superpark 6 is perseverance. While braiding hair and painting toenails would have been an ideal activity during the foggy, windy and heavily precipitating weather, babes sacked up and strapped in to prove their worth.

With some still lagging in the lodge, others boldly made their own session happen on the bottom step down. This oversized wedge was bucking babes sky high, but after a few speed checks, ladies like Kimmy Fasani and Melissa Evans led the charge and logged some landings. Kimmy's smoothly sailed front 5's put the clouds on halt and boosted the energy level around the jump in a non-hippy sort of way. Lynn Neil neared a back 7, which I wouldn't doubt gets landed before she goes home and Melissa Evans floated a stylish back 3 before the session shut down. As the clouds creeped in, a selective few headed up to the pole jam feature to salvage some shots despite the weather.

Though we're not at liberty to crown a standout just yet, that doesn't mean Jess Kimura hasn't garnered attention as the force that can't be stopped. Not even halting for a chainsaw as it cut down the lip, Jess bravely called out acclaimed park staffer Clayton Shoemaker to hit the feature first and kick off the session. With nerves slightly at ease, Jess began setting the standard on the wall and grabbing stale in no time. Closely following suit was Desiree with smooth tail grabs and Melissa Evans who's clean front one's into the wall ride set off the cheerleading section.Though the session was discontinued until the sun went down, night owl's Mary Rand and Lynn Neil came back to perform under the lights. Lynn deserves a gleaming gold star for her dedication to getting the shot despite it being 10 at night, snowing on and off and not exactly optimum visibility.

All this hard work on Day 2 of the 2010 Ms Superpark presented by Gatorade entitled everyone to a night of Big Bear ballads at Murray's Saloon, where karaoke killers Nataska Zurek surprisingly sang Sublime, Creepy Kyle put down some questionable verses and even Snowboarder's own Pat Bridges pulled out Motörhead from his repertoire. Check back for video and photographic proof that the princesses of Ms. Superpark 6 are putting down womaneuvers both on and off the hill.