Last week, over one hundred woman congregated at Mammoth Mountain, California for the tenth edition of Ms. Superpark. This annual on hill photoshoot for the best female snowboarders in the world has become an affair that marks the end of the season by bringing the women’s snow community together. Competition riders, women filming parts, up and comers, and legends coalesce to sit next to one another on the lift and lap the same park, allowing riders an opportunity to shred with people they may not see often during the rest of the year. After a long season of getting shots, donning contest bibs, or dropping into backcountry lines, Ms. Superpark is a welcome week spent with a group of talented, motivated, and stoked women.

This community aspect of the on hill portion of the event has proliferated into the celebration and this year SNOWBOARDER Magazine teamed up with Boarding for Breast Cancer to hold the second annual Ms. Superpark Snowblind Date Auction. On Thursday night, the Underground Lounge in the Mammoth Village opened early for the weekend and welcomed an excited crowd for the party. Almost twenty women volunteered their time and agreed to be auctioned off to the crowd of friends, Mammoth visitors, and party-goers. It can be an intimidating prospect to stand on stage in front of a large group and all of the women adamantly and humbly donated their time for such a great cause. Any nerves that were present were dispelled when Dykeboy kicked off the welcoming, partytime vibe of the auction and Jess Kimura donated $218 for a ride date with her friend and filmer. After that, the proceedings were kicked into gear and as drinks were passed around, photos were snapped, and friends cheered for one another as Pat Bridges played auctioneer.

B4BC riders Kimmy Fasani, and Hana Beaman, along with B4BC supporter Kelly Clark stood on the auction block, so to speak, as Bridges extrapolated on the virtues of all of these impressive snowboarders. Hopeful bidders threw down donations in hopes of earning a ride date with one of the ladies, not only an opportunity to snowboard with a pro, but also to get outside and be active, a pillar of B4BC’s mission to promote a healthy lifestyle. Ms. Superpark rookie, Britt Horowitz stepped to the plate, as did Alexa McCarty, Veroniqi Hanssen, Amanda Hankison, Faye Gulini, Alice Gong, Maddy Schaffrick, Kumara Kelley, and many more. In the audience, Spencer O’Brien, Celia Miller, Sarka Pancochova, Jaeger Bailey, Garrett Warnick and SNOWBOARDER staffers Mike Yoshida and Ryan Hughes raised their hands to donate money to B4BC. Thank you, guys, and Worm, I owe you one. All in all, over $4,000 was raised, which more than doubles the amount from the previous year.

The next day at noon, all of the riders and their dates met on the Mammoth deck to get some afternoon turns in the spring snow. The crew may have been a little sluggish after the previous night’s celebration, but everyone was stoked to take laps with both new and old friends. The opportunity to welcome others into the framework of such a tightknit event was, for the second year in a row, a highlight of Ms. Superpark.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Undergound on Thursday night to celebrate the talented women who are involved in Ms. Superpark and to help SNOWBOARDER raise money for B4BC. From all of us at SNOWBOARDER, we were stoked to hang out with all of you guys. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the auction, all of the riders for standing up in front of the crowd and donating their time, as well as everyone who purchased a ride date, for donating their money and supporting such a fantastic cause. The compassion and generosity that came from the group on Thursday was next level. Thank you. Thank you to Gabe Taylor, Peter Morning at Mammoth, Blair Young at B4BC, and Tucker Watson, Dana Starr, and the rest of the staff at Underground for putting up with our crew and helping create an awesome event.

Thank you so much to all the participants! Kimmy Fasani, Maddie Shaffrick, Jenna Kuklinski, Britt Horowitz, Ashley Wendorf, Faye Gulini, Amanda Hankison, Dykeboy, Michelle Zeller, Hana Beaman, Kelly Clark, Jenise Spiteri, Kumara Kelley, Veroniqi Hanssen, Alice Gong, Alexa McCarty, Kelly Underwood, Laura Rogoski, Melissa Riitano, and Samantha Kolesky.

For more information on Boarding for Breast Cancer and what you can do to be involved, check out the B4BC website.


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