words and photos: Mike Yoshida

Opening day at Mt. Baker was more like opening day for the state of Washington. Luckily Baker is located in spot where it tends to get more snow than the other resorts. With the El Nino storms rolling into the Northwest, we got slammed with almost sixty inches of snow within a week. Opening day was only a matter of time. And for some reason Baker ended up getting the most snow in the whole state, allowing them to open a week before all the other resorts.

Unfortunately, in classic Washington fashion, it warmed up right before the prospective opening and then cooled down pretty good. We were left with good coverage and the whole mountain was open, but the conditions were more or less dust on crust. Regardless, riders from all corners of the state gathered and even some from Canada came to join in on the festivities. What we lacked in fresh powder was made up for with sunny skies, good friends, and a much needed early opener after last year’s drought.