Mt. Hood Summer Camp Time!

Jason Robinson tweaking stale in the mini pipe

Words & Photos: Mike Yoshida

Mt. Hood has the most snow it has had since their record year back in ’98.   Windell’s and High Cascade are firing right now, and there’s also a decent public park available to the public as well.  Get up to Hood and you might run into your favorite pro shred, or fellow boarder enthusiasts, and be sure to check back for exclusive online video content, and updates from camp!

Classic above the clouds shot while getting off the Palmer lift

The month of June is a toss up for weather at Hood. One minute it's snowing, or raining, and the next minute it's a mystical sun fog.

Boarders and skiiers line up for the Palmer lift.

Jake Kuzyk asked me to "take him to the down bar" and then we SHOT, together. No Horgmo...was in sight...

Proper cloudy starfish.... Sleepy Stevens hoofs one out.

The overview of Windell's park

Classic above the clouds shot

Chris Grenier and Jed Anderson have been giving Jake some pointers on his heel side turns. Louif watches tentatively, while Phil Jaque is obviously disgusted...

Jed "the chosen one" Anderson. Switch backside 180 on.

Game changing rope tow right there...

Ian Thorley with a front seven tail, above the clouds.

Ted Borland, lover of pizza, and leader of the Lunch Ramp Gang.

Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller have started a new gourmet pizza cart in Govy. Be sure to stop by, and treat your taste buds to a delicious barbequed pizza.