When it comes to massive jumps, the Neff team is a crew of seasoned air killers packed into one team. At Mammoth Mountain, during the twentieth anniversary of Superpark, Tim Humphreys, Brandon Davis, Halldor Helgason, Aspen Weaver, Nick Pooch, Ian Thorley, and Jordan Nield came out in full force to destroy the meticulously built park. Luckily, park builders are some of the few folks who happily watch their hardwork get demolished. In this episode of Neff in the Parks, witness Tim Humphreys, no stranger to logging airtime, alongside Mammoth loc Brandon Davis and revert-champion Halldor Helgason, as they open up SP20 features and promptly shut them down. Aspen, Pooch, Thorley and Nield get in the mix with a barrage of hammers, leaving impressions on virtually every section of Superpark. Whether it was early AM sunrise shoots on the Boreal step-up and the Mammoth jump or mid-day planting on the Springs QP, the Neff boys sent it at Superpark 20.