Tahoe may be having a lighter snow year than usual but at Boreal, the Woodward Tahoe Neffland park is definitely in high tide. Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson and friends go buccaneer wild in the second Neffland park in North America. Humpy, Dylan, Ian Thorley, Jimi Tomer, Aspen Weaver, Ben Wynn, Nick Pooch, Jon Stanco, BJ Linne, Scotty Vine, and Mike Burton launch of canons, boost over barrels, and slide over swords in the pirate-themed park. The crew lays siege to the Neffland park in this hammer-heavy first episode of Neff in the Parks. So sit back and enjoy a high seas rampage, including the fabeled 630 off at 2:45 by Dylan Thompson.

Stay tuned for more from the third Neffland park at Killington in Vermont!