New 2019 Signature Snowboarding Product—SIA Tradeshow Exclusive

SIA was a bit of a blur with all of the new colorways, patterns, bases, boards, bindings, boots, and everything else in between. Our apologies for getting these photos up late. Somewhere between the Ride and Rome booth, we seemed to have fallen into a haze that we are just getting out of.

The annual trade show combined with Outside Retailer this year, making it the largest outdoor trade show ever (don’t quote us on that). If it wasn’t, it sure felt like it was. New gear was everywhere and if there is one thing to report back besides how awesome it is to see Jamie Lynn paint a mural right in front of you, is that there is a ton of product to be stoked on. We decided to show some of the signature models and lines from some of our favorite brands, so enjoy the gallery and keep an eye out for more product dropping soon!

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