New 2019 Signature Snowboarding Product—SIA Tradeshow Exclusive

2019 GNU Spacecase. p: Yosh
686 Forest Bailey Cosmic Collection. p: Yosh
(Front) Same jacket, different look. From the 686 Forest Bailey Cosmic Collection
Bent Metal and and Sean Genovese making a logical partnership in Washington. p: Yosh
Coal and Desiree traveled the United Slopes together to form the Wherever, a hat/gaiter/facemask, ready for whatever. p: Yosh
Coal, The Sleepy Scott Stevens pro-model hat. p: Yosh
DC's Travis Rice Signature model, available in 2019. p: Yosh
Dragon's NFX2 Danny Davis pro model. p: Yosh
A banner year for Forest Bailey at SIA, dropping the latest NFX2 Dragon collab. p: Yosh
Bryan Iguchi's Dragon X2 line is something to see, and will help you see better as well.
Jamie Anderson's Ladies Choice from GNU. p: Yosh
Jesse Burtner must get a lot of packages in the mail. The Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher and Box Knife. p: Yosh
Will these see gold in Korea? The Mark McMorris model from Oakley. p: Yosh
Torstein may have decided to not compete in the Olympics this year, but his Oakley goggles are pure gold. p: Yosh
Hana Beaman rides Ride. The Hellcat, coming 2019. p: Yosh
Jake Blauvelt charges on the latest edition to the Berzerker line from Ride. p: Yosh
Scott Stevens x Union. p: Yosh
Travis Rice's famed Falcor binding from Union is coming back for more. p: Yosh
The Halldor Collection from Von Zipper (Not pictured: Halldor completely destroying everything in his path while wearing these). p: Yosh
The Tracis Rice Kit from Quiksilver. p: Gavelda
Pat Moore Infuse Boot (Not complete with tank treads in box). p: Gavelda
Frozen Wave Anorak series from O'Neill. p: Gavelda
Never Summer and Dylan Alito graphic, circa 2019. p: Gavelda
686 x Coors dropping a new collab. p: Gavelda
The Roxy Shelter Jackets. p: Gavelda
Blake Paul x Vans. Warning: After watching Landline. you might feel the need to by this combo. p: Gavelda
Rome's latest pro model line. p: Gavelda
The latest from the Nitro Quiver line. p: Chris Wellhausen
2018/19 Boot shot from Adidas. p: Yosh
The adidas Slopetrotter, made popular by Tommy Gesme. p: Yosh
Not a signature pro model per say, but timeless nonetheless. The Team Tech Hoodie from adidas. p: Yosh
Arbor's latest offerings, featuring Bryan Iguchi's pro model. p: Wellhausen
Bringing back the popular "Outsiders" line, Capita adds a few more new graphics to the mix for 2018/19. p: Yosh
Capita's Spring Break line for next season. p: Yosh
An extended wall for the tailored tails from Capita's Spring Break line. p: Yosh
From school to slopes, Dakine has the high end gear to keep you covered everywhere. p: Wellhausen
A Dakine colorway that is just like the product: cool, calm, and collected.
A selection from the 2018/19 line of K2 boards. p: Yosh
The K2 Taro Tamai Snowsurfer boot. p: Yosh
Public! 2019 will bring back Mathes, Sexton, and more. p: Wellhausen
The new Salomon line is killer. p: Wellhausen
The Salomon Women's line is just as deadly. p: Wellhausen
Volcom's latest line, including the Pat Moore 3-in-1 Utility Jacket is inspired a new phrase for us, "If you can't beat them, Volc-om." p: Wellhausen
You may have seen our online editor @markclavin wearing this jacket in front a green screen, but don't worry, it doesn't make you disappear in the backcountry. WDGAF, the Volcom TDS INF Gore‑Tex jacket is insane. p: Wellhausen

New 2019 Signature Snowboarding Product—SIA Tradeshow Exclusive

SIA was a bit of a blur with all of the new colorways, patterns, bases, boards, bindings, boots, and everything else in between. Our apologies for getting these photos up late. Somewhere between the Ride and Rome booth, we seemed to have fallen into a haze that we are just getting out of.


The annual trade show combined with Outside Retailer this year, making it the largest outdoor trade show ever (don’t quote us on that). If it wasn’t, it sure felt like it was. New gear was everywhere and if there is one thing to report back besides how awesome it is to see Jamie Lynn paint a mural right in front of you, is that there is a ton of product to be stoked on. We decided to show some of the signature models and lines from some of our favorite brands, so enjoy the gallery and keep an eye out for more product dropping soon!

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