Chris Grenier is an everyman of snowboarding. He eschews regulations, boundaries, and the status quo, opting to instead decide the terms with which he snowboards. This outlook, ironically shaped by a youth spent growing up in Massachusetts, an epicenter of stick and ball sports fanaticism, the Boston cross which Grendies happily bears, has produced countless videoparts, plently of WTF clips, and a dedicated following that looks up to this Masshole-turned-Salt Lake local. For the first time, this video part veteran enters the X Games arena, as one of five riders in the X Games Real Snow competition. Grenier’s part, along with edits of Jeremy Jones, Sebastien Toutant, Dylan Thompson, and Dan Brisse, dropped yesterday. And while Grendies describes his competition as “big time guys,” we think he’s good company and would confidently call him kind of a big time boarder, himself. His X Games Real Snow segment is as heavy as they come and granted this is pre-filming for his “regular” video segment as well.

But Chris’ ninety-second Real Snow part is only a piece of the story–the hammers, of course. The nuts and bolts, so to speak, are presented here, in New Era’s Chris Grenier: A Thought Process Perspective. The maker of every hat and beanie that Grendies dons to showcase his love of the Bruins, the Pats, the Celtics, and the Red Sox has crafted a companion video of behind-the-scenes footage and philosophy and it further shows that Chris possesses a humble modesty about his snowboarding that is as deep as his talent. Enjoy.