words and photos: Mike Yoshida

There are a lot of unknown factors that go into a year of shooting snowboarding. That being said, it's a very exciting part of putting your year together; not knowing where you are going or whom you will be shooting with right up until it's time to go on that trip. I usually end up leaving the office in SoCal and head back to my home in Washington around mid-December, to set up shop at my home base. This year, I started my season in Spokane, shooting urban stuff with Think Thank and then from there I bounced around with a bunch of different crews. I linked up with Think Thank, Get Outta Town, Absinthe, 686, Nike, Videograss, Volcom, and in between that I was shooting all of our events like Superpark, The Launch, and Ms Superpark. This season turned out awesome, as I got to get out with a diverse array of riders, and definitely had a decent stack of photos by the end of the year.