words and photos: E-Stone

Last winter was challenging to say the least. I have taken for granted over the years how nice it is to be able to shoot locally. SLC only had six days of snow in the city right around Christmas and then a serious lack of storms in the mountains in the months to follow. The only way to shoot was to travel and by the time February hit I had tapped my SNOWBOARDER mag travel budget. Snow was sparse all over the globe during the winter before the East Coast got pounded. Early in the season I would find my self spending hours scouring the net looking for snow in every corner of the world, but all I could come up with were the usual suspects, like the upper peninsula of the Midwest. After two trips to Marquette with Dan Brisse and crew I think I have had enough of this area to last me the next decade. I am thankful that last season's lack of snow ended up taking me to a couple interesting places, like Oslo, Norway and Murmansk, Russia. These trips, although hard on my budget, were some of the most fun I have had in years. The lack of snow made us all work that much harder and really appreciate what we have back at home when the snow is good. 2015 is ending with a bang as SLC is off to an amazing start. The last storm delivered almost six feet in the mountains and the city has been blanketed with snow and packed with eager shred crews. If this keeps up, it's going to be an amazing year and I can't wait to spend more days shooting locally and shredding Snowbird and Brighton with the homies!!!

Thanks to everyone who made last season dope and all the homies that risked themselves in front of my lens. I can't wait to see what the new season brings.